To the child ate with gusto

In many families, the nutritional status of preschool children begin to watch less carefully.As a result, there may be a violation of appetite.Contribute to this game, especially in the street, the ability to "intercept" patty sandwich, carrots in between formal meals.Reduces appetite sweet fruit juices and drinks, which are given to children instead of water.Fight with impaired appetite can only strictly following the diet and order of serving dishes.Then the soup or soup is eaten by a child without the vagaries.The same applies to porridges, pasta and other useful but less tasty dishes, in particular boiled beets, raw and steamed carrots.We recommend to give them in the form of a complex side dish, combined with their favorite food (eg chips) or as a main meal snacks perёd when the feeling of hunger is the best seasoning for any dish.

recommended preschoolers and those unjustly forgotten dishes such as black bread, dipped in vegetable oil with chopped onion salted or sandwiches of black bread and a th

ick layer of cottage cheese, sprinkled with sugar.And eggnog (powdered sugar with the egg yolks) - a delicacy and tasty and useful.

menu in the fifth year of life is not significantly different from that of the fourth.The only change is the norm of the daily set of products.For orientation cite the relevant scheme

should be remembered that in the daily diet set of products due to the need to maintain a certain ratio of the major food components according to formula 1: 1:.. 4, ie, the content of protein and fat should be the same, and carbohydrates in 4times.

In ordinary life, often have a situation where at the moment there is a particular product.Then the missing product can be replaced by another.However, in connection with different content in each of the products of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, this replacement is carried out according to strict rules.Protein-containing product is replaced by another of the same, carbohydrate-- other types of carbohydrates, etc.

Official tables 100 g of meat can be replaced with 155 grams of fish, 110 g of cheese or 140 g (2 pcs.) Eggs, instead of glass..milk can be given 50 g meat or cheese, 30 grams of cheese, 15 grams of fish.The egg is equivalent to 40 grams of cheese, 35 grams of meat, 160 grams of milk.It corresponds to 100 g fish meat, 65 g, 70 g of cheese, 300 g of milk.Cereals, flour, pasta, can be replaced with each other in equal amounts.100 g 160 g potato equivalent of beet, 150 g of carrots, cabbage at r.Nothing replaces fresh herbs, fruits and berries.replacement scheme should be considered as a guide for a single action.Only in cases where a certain product is a child suffers ill (food allergy), it can be replaced constantly.

for proper development of the child in his diet administered vitamins and mineral salts.When drawing up the rules of the diet are met, additional requirements for vitamins does not arise.Children do not need a large amount of salt.Their daily rate is equal to the age of 8 g, t. E. Half the adult rates.

Some children in preschool age badly, no appetite to eat, often complain of nausea, and sometimes pain in the stomach.Other restless sleep, grind their teeth, and to cushion them from the stain remains salivate at night.Third pale, tired quickly, complain of headaches.The cause of all these phenomena - the worms, which are far from harmless.Settling in the intestines, intestinal worms not only absorb some of the food that the child eats, but also constantly emit toxic substances that penetrate into the bloodstream and poisoning his body.

parasitic disease can occur for no apparent infringements, quietly, but in these cases they are harmful.Attached to the wall of the bowel, intestinal worms injure it, form small lesions on the mucous membrane, causing sometimes even bleeding.Larvae of some of them, such as ascarids, the most common round worms coming out of the eggs and intestines, perforate the wall of the blood vessel ulcers and moving with the blood flow throughout the body, into the lungs, there is again pierce the wall of the blood vessel, and subsequently,pulmonary alveoli.

If worms are many, they are stuck in the intestines, can lead to intestinal obstruction.Worms and their larvae can penetrate the various organs (liver, brain, lungs) and cause damage.

Small roundworm, pinworm cause of the infected children itching in the anus and perineum.It is due to the fact that the development of the eggs of these worms require oxygen, in connection with which the female pinworms crawl out to lay their eggs.Itching worried about a child more at night.Sometimes he is so strong that the children wake up and cry.If pinworms are so many, they can crawl out and day.Child brushing itchy places, and pinworm eggs get under his fingernails, on bedding and underwear.When cleaning and bed linen change pinworm eggs can be spread with dust all over the room, and even apartment.Once on toys, books, furniture, they can be stored on them within one month.This creates the conditions for re-infection, so that the child may suffer this kind of helminthic disease for years.Constant scratching and irritation of the skin in the area of ​​the anus and perineum lead to the formation of cracks, ulcers and pustules, girls often develop inflammation of the external genitalia.Infection with pinworms can cause masturbation.

How did the worms enter the body of the child?Most adult worms, parasites in the human body, highlights the huge number of microscopically small eggs which with excrements often fall into the soil, water, unimproved wells, with dust on their shoes may be recorded in an apartment and be on different household objects, toys.

And if the child with food, water, or in the use of unwashed berries, fruits, vegetables swallow mature eggs or larvae of worms, he has in the intestines of these parasitic worms come out.Worms can be contracted and away from pets (cats, dogs), in which the coat are helminth eggs.If the child stroked the animal, and then, without washing their hands thoroughly, start eating eggs will fall through the mouth into his intestines and cause a parasitic disease.

To prevent infection with worms child should wash their hands thoroughly before eating, after using the toilet, playing with pets and all with any of their pollution.It is necessary to ensure that the baby always been cropped nails, so he does not biting.In addition, the child must not eat unwashed berries, fruits or vegetables.Preferably after washing pour over boiling water.wet cleaning of the apartment and make sure that it was not necessary to fly and produce daily, worms that carry the eggs on their paws.

If the settlement is not sewage, it is very important to observe hygiene standards content of latrines, cesspools, garbage bins.

annually in-depth examination of the children in the clinic doctor prescribes them feces analysis on helminth eggs.It is necessary to carry out this assignment.Upon detection of eggs in the feces of a species of worms is necessary to conduct full course of treatment, even if the appearance is no change in the state of health of the child is not noticeable.This is especially important because that children infected with worms is reduced resistance to other diseases.Such children fall behind in the physical and intellectual development.

expulsion of worms carried out by a doctor.Parents need to follow the release of intestinal worms in children, for which the period of treatment is recommended to use the chamber pot.The stools with worms in the pot should pour boiling water, cover and leave for an hour, after which you can pull down the toilet or pour into the bathroom.In the presence in the intestine of the child pinworm special treatment is required.Life expectancy of this species of worms about a month.Therefore it is sufficient during this period to take measures against re-infection.They all boil down to the strict observance of hygienic rules.It should be short nails shave the child daily to clean them as your hands with soap can be cleaned more frequently, every morning and evening to wash the baby with warm soapy water area of ​​the anus, perineum, external genitalia.Sleeping baby should "closed shorts that put me off and boiled or hot iron to iron every morning.Bed linen is also subject to daily proglazhivaniyu.The apartment wet cleaning should be regularly carried out.Toys should be washed with soap and water and parboil, which kills the eggs of pinworms.Soft toys have to be cleaned, followed by drying in the sun.In addition, it is necessary daily parboil pot child's toilet, as well as brushes and rags, which are serviced apartments.