The nervous system of the child should be protected

Parents often underestimate their role in a child's character development.In those families where the parents on every occasion express displeasure stipulate for the children for a small offense, a lot forbid, children also get used to being unhappy, become secretive, sullen, fearful.

Endearment generate kindness, demand compliance with the order - disciplined, systematic gymnastic exercise - endurance and will, feasible domestic work - awareness of the necessity of daily work, bringing any games or exercises to the end - and persistence, care for younger family members, householdanimals, plants, help adults - sensitivity and warmth of human relations, the ability to feel any team and your to gain people.

From childhood shaped the capacity for empathy and compassion.Psychologists have found that it occurs earlier and stronger in children from large families, than the only child.

With the increasing material and cultural level of the radio, television and a variety of devices and machines have become p

art of everyday life of people.The family, as a rule, few children (one, two children).Besides the difference in age of the children is usually quite substantial.The child unconsciously is surrounded by adults only.House he had no one to play, but educators rife.

nervous system baby suffers from an abundance of words, melody and noise.A significant role in the mental overload play children's books.In practice, it looks like this.We now have many wonderful books for children.Father, mother, grandmother and friends are willing to buy their children, but often "for growth."The book requires reading and adult family members offer their assistance to the child.It is convenient: no need to remember or invent new tales.Fulfilling the request to check the baby, adults often forget important educational moment that the contents of the book, its semantic load must strictly comply with the age and development of the child, and read any children's book.Meanwhile, get ahead in education is more dangerous than putting your baby is not on growth.The same applies to memorize poems.Memory tenacious children.They even memorize long poems without much difficulty.Sometimes one wonders: two year old child reads clearly "adult" poetry.And it does not bother anyone, but on the contrary, even like individual parents - that's supposedly what he have talent!Parental selfishness harms your baby.Memory - a man's wealth and spend it wisely need to treasure, not spending it too early, pointless.One more thing.We read a lot of children, but does not teach them to tell old.In such cases, delayed development of speech and the ability to express their desire.

why children should read less and talk more.Do not memorize poems at an early age.We need to develop the child's speech, the ability to properly express the idea of ​​a primitive fight, foul speech.The development of the child's thinking is determined by the information that it receives while awake.Huge impact force have radio and television.

Television - this club of travelers, and the program "In the world of animals", and cartoons.TV often brings far more interesting than the busy parents.However, it is important to establish a line beyond which begins the baby glut of information when it does not correspond to the abundance of age opportunities and leads to fatigue.In addition to mental overload, misuse TV involuntarily deprives the child needed his physical discharge.I spent the evening watching TV - deprived himself of fresh air, especially necessary before going to bed.

nervousness children often help parents themselves, wanting to protect them from danger.These parents all day long doing edification: "go only so", "sit the only way", "eat only so ..." All the opinion of "diligent" teachers must be committed by the same scheme.A child - even a little, but man, it lives a tireless seeker.That is why we often hear from the kid: "I did!" To kill this desire, to deprive the child's initiative, obey it willingly - the most harmful and dangerous to the health and dignity of the kind of upbringing.

Other parents allow the child everything he wants.As a result, grow selfish, moody, quarrelsome and ultimately too weak-willed person, usually not yet contented life.