Parenting useful skills

At this age, finally formed the basic character traits.If a child is not taught to neatness, then in the future it will be sloppy.If a child has not learned the importance of strict observance of the regime of the day, I was not used as it should to put clothes and to maintain order in his corner, and then he will be uncollected and sloppy.If the child does not learn to control their desires, to understand that "necessary" means more than "want", he will grow weak-willed, emotionally disinhibited person, t. E. Whimsical narcissistic egomaniac.We often hear that children inherit traits from their parents bad.However, this is not quite true.Such a statement sounds more like an excuse in case of the education of the child taken too late.

As pointed Makarenko, 80% of positive and negative traits of the child is formed in the first five years of life.Therefore, it is necessary to educate him almost from birth.

thorough cleanliness will be a guarantee of cleanliness.The girls need to wash away daily.It is mo

re convenient to do it at night.Plant girls in a basin of water can not be, as this will wash genitals contaminated water.Be tempted by the current water.You can use the shower, but the jet of water flowing from it should not be tight, so as not to irritate the genital organs, well, when water falls soft diffused beam.If this is not possible, it is necessary to prepare the water in specially designed for this procedure crockery (a pitcher, a bank, a circle), wash your hands with soap, put the girl on his heels over the basin, to stand behind her.The left hand must take the dishes with water, the right piece of cotton or a clean gauze, bend over the child.Wet cotton or gauze, soap, then wash motion vulva from front to back.After cleaning the skin of the perineum and wipe clean the hips, specifically dedicated towel.To wash the girl what some medicinal solutions is not recommended without a doctor's prescription.If cleaning the held regularly every evening, the girl will get used to it so that he could not do without this procedure.Pants girls should be changed every day, because of the vagina there is always at least a small selection.Zasyhaya, they do matter a rigid, which can lead to irritation of the external genitals and upper thighs.Accumulation of secretions in the shorts is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause vulvovaginitis.Wear tights without panties unhygienic.Elastic stockings girls doshkolnitsam contraindicated.They are suitable only cotton.

Many girls 4-6 years old long hair.They require special care.Wash your head must be once a week.To wash well to use boiled water.Hair is better to wash with special baby shampoo ( "Moidodyr", "Children", "baby", "Pinocchio", "quack-quack", "Bebe").They contain herbal extracts, vitamins, improve the nutrition of the skin, have a pleasant smell, anti-inflammatory effect, and most importantly do not irritate the skin and mucous membrane of eyes.After washing the hair should be dry before the child go to bed.Dry baby hair dryer experts do not recommend.Combing hair should be short, from the roots to the ends (so improves scalp circulation).Long hair comb the individual strands, starting at the ends.Comb should be rare blunt teeth.Do not use metal brushes and combs.Zapletal long hair can only be dry.It is not recommended to weave them into tight braids or tight tie bows as relief hair fall.In order not to hurt the hair bulbs, should not be left in them for the night clips, from time to time is to this end, to change the place in the hair parting.Hair desiccate and become brittle when exposed to prolonged sunlight.In summer, children should wear lightweight, netesnye hats.