Games and toys

Toys child it is advisable to buy only the ones that he had long wished.The toy should match the level of the child's mental development.At the age of 3-6 years and are very fond of toys made by adults:.. Paper steamers and hats, dolls, houses of matchboxes, etc.

special joy to children brings contact with animals, especially with young.Watch them grow, play with them - great fun for the child.They can be taken care of, they can feed and protect.It elevates the protection of the child in his own eyes.

Children love when adults play with them.It refers to the first movable noisy, games and fun romp.Rocking on bent legs, lifting of, the pop, climbing on Zakorko, playing horse, imaginary fight on the sofa bring your child a lot of joy, fun and excitement of physical fitness.Not only need to get involved and to demand from the crushing of the child:.. Standing on the hands, head, etc.

Dancing adult and child foster a sense of rhythm, synchronized movement, the ability to fine-tune their physical activit

y, the ability to adapt to the rhythm of the partner.Modern parents are so embarrassed to play outside, but within the apartment and it can be done, game for children - a very serious business.Adults need to see in the baby game elements to prepare!the future of the labor process, and accordingly shall direct their taking part in it.

However, if the child is under three years was free to do only adult society, dolls and toys, then in the fourth year of his life already do not like it.Play one he is bored, he seeks to communicate with other children.First, children of this age are usually attracted to older guys, they are offended when they do not accept them.They have the feeling that they already know a lot, know how, and they want to show it.Therefore, communication with peers becomes as necessary as with adults, and at times, especially during the game, even more desirable.If a family has other children, this need is satisfied to a certain extent.But to limit the life of the child only family circle should not be.For normal development he needed fellow peers, with whom he feels on an equal footing.Communicating with children, the child learns to consider others, stand up for yourself.At this age, there are first affections, which are germs of friendship.Makarenko said that the child in such a game, what will be when he grows up and will work independently.During the game, children 3-4 years often talk with each other or with toys.Games need to alternate (mobile and quiet, collective and individual), so that, on the one hand, the child is not tired, and on the other - not perevozbudilsya.Games with adults or peers are another important value.In the process of communicating the children to share their experiences, feelings, knowledge.And so naturally, ease and unnoticed is "information dump" out of the abundance that modern children suffer.Features of the human psyche is such that, having acquired some knowledge, he seeks to share them.This fully applies to pre-school children who, because of their curiosity acquire as answers to numerous questions from a large number of all kinds of information.

The younger preschooler's thinking is more concrete.He learns well what is presented visually, all want to know from their own experience.He was particularly attracted to the actions that adults try to hide from it.He remembers the kid is not everything, but the fact that it is very impressed.Children are always trying to imitate adults.Sometimes it is dangerous.Not being able to distinguish good from bad, they tend to do what adults forbid them, but allow themselves.In this regard, in the presence of children should refrain from such actions and behavior, which can not serve as a good example for them.

child in their actions guided primarily not by the knowledge that can be, or need to do well, and the desire to act as his interesting, pleasant, desirable.Therefore, it is extremely important to educate a child understanding and the desire to do so, as it should, and do what you can not not take toys, and ask them to wait will play another game coordinate with the desires of others, share toys, to refrainon what you want, if there are no conditions to fulfill desires.