In education it is necessary to know when to stop

Child development is more successful than the conscious attitude of parents to his education.Parents of toddlers attending pre-school, in close contact with teachers to help at home and continue to consolidate what he has been taught there.If a child is brought home, parents should themselves ready: view the relevant literature, to get acquainted in advance with the books that will be read by the son or daughter, listen to music, intended for children, purchase coloring books, etc. The required amount of knowledge on the education of preschool children..age and care for them can be obtained from organized at kindergartens and children's clinics of public universities for parents.

In the process of education is better to celebrate every achievement the child, encourage him to caress, a smile, an approving word, and not pull up, make comments, if there is something wrong did.For the baby it is important to the feeling of success, it helps to believe in themselves and strive for more.However, we must alway

s bear in mind that iznezhivanie relaxes, suppresses the severity and hardens.Requirements, which the child can not perform, cause him feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and bitterness toward parents.

In education, as in all things, we must know when to stop.You can not control the behavior of the baby too, constantly correct him, to teach, to prompt him, since in this case the child will not learn to take decisions himself.Especially harmful volatility of parents in educational activities when it does not pay attention to the child, then under the influence of some of its non-stop offense begin to "educate" the baby.Coarse hail, sharp tone, orders cause children protest.Although young children are usually easily and quickly forget and forgive the offense, you need to try not to abuse it.And the first thing that should make parents - to revise the domestic life and way of life, their habits, the style of family relationships.A child needs a calm friendly psychological climate.Quarrels, squabbles in his presence, contribute to the emergence of neurotic states, adversely affecting the body's defenses.It is very harmful effect on the development and health of the child's parental smoking and abuse of alcohol.It is known that children of smoking fathers and mothers significantly more common respiratory diseases.Giving up smoking - a huge benefit not only for parents but also for their children.The harmful effect on children of parents abuse alcohol even difficult to measure.In a family where one of the parents, and especially, both alcoholics, never relaxed friendly environment, that injures the child's psyche.Children growing up in such families, always depressed, frightened, painfully drinking parents, especially since they are almost always devoid of proper care, healthy nutrition and other essential parental worries them.Constant tension leads to the baby nursery nervousness, reduced memory, causes night terrors, stuttering, contributes to fatigue.Heavy "drunken life" negative impact not only on health but also on the education of children.They often grow weak, whining, inconsiderate, in their character traits manifest cruelty, injustice, lies, rudeness, of which they are witnesses in the family.But, becoming a parent, a person assumes a large and very important responsibility - to bring new high-grade citizen.Addressing the parents, Dzerzhinsky wrote: "The great task before you: to educate and shape the souls of your children.Be watchful!For wine or pro- (children meadows greatly rests on the head and the conscience of the parents. »