Develop verbal attention of the child ten months

Game "Find a toy." main task of the parents this month - to enrich the passive vocabulary, learn to distinguish between relatives - adults and children.Secure the ability to find items in the words: 3-5 one familiar toys.

Play with your child in the play "There is a horned goat", "will catch up, catch up," "Hide and Seek", "Cuckoo".

onomatopoeia. necessary to show more movement, accompanying their words.When the child taps, say "tuk-tuk";he hides a toy - "bye-bye";finds - drawl "ah-ah-ah";doll dances - "la-la";We laid her to sleep - "bye-bye";doll is - "top-top";doll village - "sit", wagged his finger;doll faced - "op!";I fell - "wham!";crying - "bo-bo";I lay down to sleep - "bye-bye".Then perform the same movement with the other toys.

techniques to attract the child's attention. With the development of the understanding of speech should be based on a clearly expressed at this age children orienting reaction to his surroundings.Attention child draws the suddenness of action, surprise appearance and

disappearance of objects.If an adult in this situation represents a word or an action item, the child memorizes it.

toy can suddenly appear out of the wonderful bag from under a bright handkerchief from his back.In order to attract the child's attention, use the display contrasting the reception action.Doll rides a horse, then falls, "clicked" language - horse looking surprised, then "wham!" - Fell, crying doll - "bo-bo".

When showing toys hiding it behind his back: "Where kitty?Nope.Here kitty! "Kish jumped on my shoulder baby on the legs, the bird sat on the palm, on the head.The child looks at a toy to your actions, remember the simple phrases and names.

Pictures on the wall. Hang on the wall painting, which depicts a dog or a bear, or a cockerel.The image must be large, bright.Most hold him baby, pull the handle, stroke the picture - "stroking a dog", tap on it - "Go away, you dog!", Pull crackers - "In the dog, eat."Talk to the image, like a living thing, animate it.