Develop search action baby ten months

Boxes, bags and bottles. Provide the child with several boxes: some have a small toy inside, others - no.Develop a child's search actions indicative character, with which you can set the properties of objects invisible: shaking the box, learn, have in it anything or it is empty.Develop coordination of hand movements.

In the eyes of a child among several boxes hide under one of them any thing.Let the child, turning or removing the box, it will.First, it will turn them indiscriminately, then its actions will be more accurate and successful.

Take bags of milk in different colors, hide them toys 2-3.Have to find a specific toy.If packages are different in color, the child will remember the color, if they are of different sizes - the value, and if they are different shapes - then the focus of the baby will form.The game develops memory, attention, observation of the child.

can offer lay drying in bags or bread sticks.Make a package of toy cars by linking multiple boxes with a rope so that they could carry

, put them in different animals.Moving train on a table accompanying the game sounds corresponding "tu-tu", "chick-chikchik".Call, who is going with whom.

Give your child a plastic bottle and spoon.Show how to insert a spoon handle into the hole, and it pogremite.A child with a great pleasure to repeat it.And if the spoon will be a different material (plastic, wood, aluminum), the sound will be different, and it takes a long time your baby.

Game "Where is the toy?". roll up in foil, old-sounding toys.It will turn the ball rattling.Kid wants to expand it and see what's inside.Let satisfy their curiosity.

The tube foil is possible to hide a small machine or a ball.You can roll them in, and if you squeeze the foil and they get stuck, the rise of complex practical problems before the child: how to get a toy?You can tap the tube on the floor or push rod.

in the bathroom. Let the child touch the hot and cold water so that he could feel the difference.When a child is sitting in the bath, dip in the water, different subjects and show how they can be played: sponge - pressing, cup - pour water strainer - watch as the pouring out of it water - to "make rain", cork and ping-pong balls- lowered into the water and watch as they appear on the surface.

Drawing on the glass. Draw a face on a funny sweaty glass.Let your child hold the handle on it and see the fingerprints.Vertical tracks - rain "drip-drip" horizontal - track on her fingers going "top-top".

Pins as toys. Buy colorful clothespins.Push them to the edges of plastic plates, offer their

sneak.Let the kid puts them in a bucket.These simple motor skills of children occupy themselves, as well as prepare for future, more complex activities.

Objects on hinges. In this age of the children there is a very curious interest in the loops and things, hanging on its hinges.Already quite early they begin to attract swinging back and forth door.Most often used for this purpose, the children use kitchen cabinet doors.

book as a toy. Children show interest in books.This is probably a kind of manifestation of interest in the subject, hanging on its hinges.Child particularly admired a book with hard cardboard pages.It is a pleasure to turn from left to right and right to left pages of a book.So

, the little book with cardboard pages becomes a subject that enables the child to exercise the simple motor skills.

One of the most interesting for him to action - turning the page into an object suspended on hinges, and rocking it back and forth.