The results of the 11 th month

motor reactions. kid long standing without support for about 5 seconds, the hand balance.Legs apart.It makes the first steps (1-2 steps forward).Squat without support.The transition from subject to subject.Good is holding an adult's hand.

skills. Securing of previously acquired skills.

Actions with the subject. learn new targeted actions with objects and begins to implement them according to the word adult.Applies cube to cube, but not always leaves, remove the ring from the shaft.Trying to put a ring on the rod sticks in vtulochki hole, rolls the ball, ball.

speech understanding. appear first generalizations in understanding speech.At the request of the adult gives any doll, any ball machine.Finds toys 2-3 single species.At the request of the show without unlearning performs actions ( "Reins Doll", "rock the," "give the doll a drink").Executes any actions 2-3.

active speech. Speaks first words-designate.Onomatopoeia "aw-aw", "bi-bi", "give".Speaks 1-2 word.The peculiarity of the first words tha

t they have the character of demonstrative gestures.

memory. A baby matures ability, which can be called working memory.Starting from 8 months to develop, it allows him to compare and correlate incoming information with previously received, although

• Baby makes first steps!

• The nature of demonstrative gestures utters the first word-mark.

• Appears ability that can be called working memory.

• Emotionally still experiencing anxiety at the appearance of unfamiliar adults.I am pleased to communicate with their children, while choosing to communicate one of


• manage their activities and organize the information coming from the outside.

also less effective, than do older children.

In one experiment, children were asked to find a toy hidden under one of two identical pieces of cloth.In each test, the baby allowed to reach for a toy after 1, 3 or 7 seconds.Very few 8-month-old children can remember in 1 second, which is a toy.

to 1 year have all kids are the toy and after 3 seconds, and most cope with the task, and 7 seconds.

Emotions and contacts. early as infancy children becoming attached to their parents, they begin to experience feelings of anxiety at the sight of strangers.Normal expression of fear accompanying attachment and occurs in children between 8 months and 1 year, it called a disturbing premonition of separation.This condition is experienced by the child during the absence of their parents.

Fear of the unknown can also occur in the presence of their parents, but one, he usually disappears, while a sense of foreboding of separation is clearly manifested and "walking children."It reaches its peak to 1.5 years to 3 years is waning, but disappears just before the school.

Fear of strangers occurs with the formation of the ability to perceive and remember that quality facilities like consistency.This is the basis of children's attachment to one person or several people important to the child.

child rejoices arrival of children, looking at them, rushes to him, babbling, laughing.It appears selectivity with respect to children.The child selects any one child and sent to him.Can pull, throw his toys, departing to play elsewhere.

Intelligence. Due to the presence of congenital mental schemes children manage their activities and organize information from the surrounding world.

ability to assimilate allows children first "stack" the new information available to them in the scheme without modification of the scheme, and then adapt it to this scheme, and, finally, to change the scheme when the information contrary to s.Infants use these new skills at the same time, helping them to improve their motor and other skills, efficient use of new information and easier

adapt to the changing environment.

kid, for example, trying to open the box to get the toy, which is in front of him to put his father.

Thus, children can coordinate their sensomotor-schemes of external goals to achieve.

• boy's weight - 9500-10200 g

• weight girls - 8900-9700 g

growth boy - 73-75 cm

• increase girls - 72-73 cm