Develop action game child of eleven months

reveals the meaning of action. continue to enrich the substantive work semantic content.For example, open the box to see what it is;remove the sleeves or balls with a ribbon, to ride them;push the ball in the slot to see how he rolls.Form a search actions aimed at finding out the hidden properties of objects.

Develop orientation. continue to develop all kinds of visual-auditory and visual-kinesthetic orientations in different ways effect on the subject: light hitting, throwing, squeezing, pressing, indentation, rotation, twisting, shaking, dismemberment of the whole into parts.

develop fine motor skills. Develop fine motor hand, we select for this purpose the game and items that require specific movements when manipulating them: stringing, pushing, inserting, separation into parts.

Summing children to perform a two-act mutually exclusive actions: insertion - spitting, disconnection - connection, the removal - stringing.To do this, prepare for the child boxes and jars, closing differently, so that h

e could push, shoot, throw back, unscrew the lid;bochata;folding nesting dolls.

Playing with inserts. Round colored in-ear cups allow the child to practice different activities: pulling, overlaying each other, inserting.

Remove rings pyramid. Let your child to play with pyramid tapered rod.It will remove the ring, trying to string.Thus develops the ability to perform a series circuit of the same type of action, basic planning.

familiar with the properties of objects. Make your child a small hill, put a cube of the book with a hard cover, it is possible to roll the balls, cars.

round objects or toys on wheels roll, and no dice, the machine does not roll too, if its supply side.These games will help your child correctly correlate objects in space and take into account their properties, develop orienting-investigative activity of the child.

Drawing together. Pastel crayons and

large dimensions allow you to paint on the front of the child's simple drawings: house, sun, rain.Then ask your child to erase the image of wet, well-wrung sponge.The child will be interesting to any result - as the appearance and disappearance of the image.Interesting in this age clockwork toys with a simple plant (the lever is at the top).Show how it works.

Puppet Theatre. Toys, Bi-Ba-Bo wear on hand, shows a simple action: Parsley came, greeted, clapping her hands, hiding, suddenly appears.Actions are accompanied by your speech, emotional exclamations.Put a toy for a child's hand, the hand of the child do simple movements.