Games and activities the child of eleven months

Pestushko with the baby on her lap

child swinging on the leg by an adult.

Oh, Kachi, Kachi, Kachi.For us to come torgachi become Babe buy, we will not sell.we will not give Babe, Baby, we need ourselves.

First Steps

Stand on legs, Olenka, Olenka, my friend.Do, do, Olga, his first small step.

You own pen for my hold.Little Stronger legs becomes.

Game with soap bubbles

Stimulating capture baby soap bubbles.

Carefully, bubbles.

Oh, what, oh, look.

bloat, shiny,

comes off flying.

My plum, with my nut,

not burst my longest.

Game Dance movements

Quietly we palm strike, we quietly in the palm strike, Luli-Luli, strike, Luli-Luli, strike.

Loud palms we strike, we loudly in the palm strike, Luli-Luli, strike, Luli-Luli, strike.

Handles we raise up, Hands on knees omit Luli-Luli, omit, Luli-Luli, omit.

handles we hide behind, we Handles Aunt show.Luli-Luli, show Luli-Luli, show.

Bring the ball

Stimulating movement.

So I throw the ball High, high.

throws the ball up.

drove off the ball far, far away.

Katim ball on the floor.

Baby quickly to the ball Suitable, fit,

Summing child to the ball, it cant.

Baby Mama ball Bring, bring.

helps to take the ball in the handle.

Cams - elbows

Stuchim cam child and elbows on his palm.

Ai, tuki, tuki, tuki, pounding hammers.Pounding hammers.We played in elbows.Tuk-current, knock-current, soon Petenka godok.


bear waddling walk, Bear song starts:

«p-p-p-py, p-p-p-py, is how I can roar."

O. Lutskovskaya

Ball Game

Adult hitting a ball on the floor.

cheerful friend, my ball, everywhere, everywhere he's with me!One, two, three, four, five, well I play with him.

S. Vysheslavtseva


came to us a dog, smart dog.With the children playing, very loud barking.

Pussy Pussy

approached the children, Lotion requested.Lotion asked, "Meow" said."Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow."Having treated milk.

Kisonka ate.Kisonka eaten, songs sang: "Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore."

N. Frankel


play drums

Bar-ban, bars, banks,

6 strokes on each syllable.

What do you want to tell us?

4 beats to the rhythm of the words.

Bom-bang, bong-bang, - Tells us the drum.

O. Lutskovskaya

7 strokes on each syllable.

Strokes can be alternated in its sole discretion.

Call imitation sounds

bunny and bear

Look - bunny crying: "Ah-ah-ah!" Takes away Bear ball, "A-ah!" Teddy bear, Misha, give, together with Zaikovand play. M. Ivensen


Bayu-bye-bye, Dolly shake.Dolly tired the whole day playing.