Equipment and toys for babies up to 1 year


tall folding chair with a table


semi-mat or camping mat

plastic mirror

big balls (diameter 40-45, 60 cm)

soft inflatable toys trampoline

stabletrolley with high handle

rack for hanging toys


twister (transparent tube rolling ball)

mobiles insecticide-treated bed (mirrored, colored, musical)

mobiles board

contrasting pictures (face and others.)

tumbling clowns

bracelets with bells or bells

socks with decorations and bells

face image (pictures, books, toys)


first hand movements: toys with suction cups or a stable stand

ball onrubber thread

plastic spiral

rattles stick

rattles type dumbbell

rattles ring

rattle "rings with pendantsĀ»


toys with springs


stable whirligig with a simple plant

toyson wheels, sounding or flashing while pulling

grooved wheel, with a bell inside

balls touch different textures (diameter 3, 5, 8 cm)

Other sensory toys

ball with a bell or bells inside (diameter 3

4 cm) tactile pad

Lowering objects in a certain place

slide, a maze for the rolling ball machines

transparent containers with a wide opening, set spillikins them

metal containers

pyramid with a rod in the form of a cone

scoops, strainers, nets


rod and rings with wide openings

pyramid with tapered rod

fixed stable objects with a hole for threading string

coils and other items for nanichyvyannya

Thought and speech

barking dog - barking in response to the voice signals

boxes and boxes with lids that open in different ways (discard, remove, unscrew)

trays with borders

ear-cups or cones of circular shape, the incoming one another

mailbox with a set of covers with holes (one - three)

soft doll (30 cm)

set of plastic tableware original size

set of bowls


cars with bodywork and truck

clockwork toy animals

development centerswith "animals", pop-up when you click on the big button


game blocks that stimulate different types of manipulation

sounding toys (accordion, hurdy-gurdy, rattle, toys with strings, bells, and so on. d.)

toys bi-ba-bo

toys, pop-up boxes from

toys (animals, vegetables, fruits)

picture books (substantive, simple casual), solid, washable better

cubes with the faces of different sizes (2.5;5 cm)

rubber balls (diameter 20 cm)


spoons appropriate size

cup with borders and cut

convenient pot (with a concave seat and the ledge in front)

Household items as toys

you meet with a detailed list of toys and equipment.If you have the impression that without the child's development will slow down and you are going to rush to the shops to find them - stop.

Some toys listed above are very expensive, other general can not be sold.

We have listed ways of toys and games with one goal - to protect you and your family

from buying numerous stuffed animals and at the same time to answer the question: what is it that a child plays between a rattle and a bicycle?

So, again, go back to the list and read carefully, why each toy.Perhaps for the same purpose you can use other, already available to you.Some of them you will do yourself, while others replace household items.Suppose you do not think that a homemade toys or household items are less important and are adequate to the kid.