I feed all night

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Pedagogy Of The Baby Up To A Year

Our six-month baby sleeps with us.Usually she woke up once or twice per night to get the chest.With this, I can accept, but now she wants to suck all night chest.I feel alive pacifier.I have no more strength.

You're right.Your baby is using you as a pacifier, ie as a means to peace.But living dummy may get tired and need to get your child to understand that during the night there are other means of calming, and not just the breast.First of all, let's look at this through the eyes of your child, to understand why he does so.For six months your baby loomed a familiar pattern laughable when it is bad, his calm.When he is hungry, thirsty, suffering from loneliness, worry, when he is teething - means to alleviate the suffering called "breast".You reflexively give your child the breast in a matter of seconds after waking.Perhaps your child takes a few minutes to go back to sleep without breast.

Firstly, longer feed my daughter in the afternoon.At the age of six to nine months because children are often add

icted to the game that they forget to eat.But hunger overcomes the night, and dine the night away as comfortable and pleasant.During the day, at least every three hours blow it in a calm, devoid of interesting things especially the room and get to work - feed.Two to three times a day offer solid food.The child needs help to understand what the day is for games and food, but the night - to sleep.

then the child should realize that the night is not only breastfeeding - and breast sleeps at night.When the baby wakes up, instead of reflexively to his chest, lulling him without the use of a breast.Use calming techniques that give results almost without noise and waking:

• Place the baby on his hand rhythmically pat him on the back.

• Take the child in his arms, and a little shake.

• Allow him to touch your breasts.

• Try to sing a lullaby, accompanied by her above methods.

One way that ensured the survival of us, from time to time when there are periods of frequent awakenings - is used as a nanny father.March temporarily disconnected from the night calls, and myself took our baby in his arms and rocked it, or even go with him on the bedroom, holding it in the position of "clinging to his chest."After a few nights, the child is returned to its normal mode - one or two calls.