How to handle them?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Pedagogy Of The Baby Up To A Year

considered the basic natural conditions necessary for the development of the baby, let us now consider some practical issues of caring for them on separate issues often concern parents.

way to care for the baby, as well as a way to solve many problems with his health, depends on the position occupied by the parents to the child, and their views on its initial capabilities and needs.Previously, we tried to show that the infant - being extremely strong, having great adaptive capabilities.The traditional medical approach, in contrast, assumes the attitude to the child as to the merits of the weak and the unfit.Hence different purposes and methods of treatment with it.

According to the traditional approach, the primary task is to create some safe conditions for the baby, protecting it from all sorts of pathogens, which is full of the world.In other words, this approach is based on fear.Fear becomes the main motive that compels parents to take certain actions.

main result - the fear paralyzes the thinking,

so any creative activity.Fear makes you forget about your own feelings and your own abilities.Fear - that is what makes us believe anything, just not himself and not himself.

Thus, child care turns into a mindless religion, fanatically and mechanically executed rituals in hopes of leniency grace - the health and happiness of the child.

tenets of this religion are called with a loud word "science."This word makes silenced common sense, because we are accustomed to the fact that science - this is what we must ... believe.

This magic word and make you forget about your own feelings and act contrary to their own instincts.

Do your parents often wondered why they do so and not otherwise?Hardly.It just says "science" and so prescribes ritual.This explains everything.

"To the child was happy, unalloyed childhood, parents should try to first of all give him good health, to organize a harmonious development in line with current scientific knowledge" - is a noble goal, proclaimed this religion.

What kind of "modern scientific ideas", which is prescribed to know the parents?

Here are some of them.

"After transection of the umbilical cord vessels are closed immediately, so that there is a threat of infection entering through them."

"newborn skin soft, delicate, so it is easily vulnerable and susceptible to various diseases."

"By the ribs attached to the backbone does not obliquely, as in adults, and nearly horizontal, so when breathing chest expands and small enough to subside."

"musculature is poorly developed."

"Thermal regulation of the newborn is less perfect than in older children. The body temperature is unstable and can vary depending on environmental conditions."

"newborn nasal passages are narrow, thin cartilage of the larynx and trachea. Lining of the mucous membrane tends to swell. Light elastic fibers are poor."

"The relative amount of blood (calculated for 1 kg body weight) circulating in the circulatory system is greater than an adult, therefore the newborn circulatory organs operate with a significant voltage."

"muscular and elastic tissue in the walls of the stomach and intestines is not sufficiently developed."

"The intestine of newborn relatively longer than that of an adult, and its wall is easily passable for microbes and toxic products of their life - toxins."

"Nervous regulation of the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, resulting in impaired function necessary coherence between the different parts of the digestive tract."

"The head of the newborn brain is great, but its departments, the nerve cells that make up the brain tissue, are underdeveloped."

"... The newborn does not possess sufficient protective powers against many microbes:. Staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli This leads to the fact that at the slightest errors in the care of sick children and nutrition."And the list of "imperfections" can be continued.

How could such a creature to cause different feelings, but pity and compassion?Indeed, it is unfortunate and takes great effort to make it survive.This is the main dogma, from which arise all the rituals of care.

And most importantly -. The inability of parents to carry out their functions (.. Ie, to provide conditions for the survival of the child) without the help of "insiders", ie, the whole class of "priests." - Pediatricians.Only they can guide the mother and father on the right path.

Why, from the point of view of the "priest", a child becomes ill?Of course, because the parents properly observe the ritual.And if you do not go to a regular "sacrament" to the clinic, the "temple" of modern scientific ideas, once a month, you risk being anathematization how careless and not caring about the welfare of her child's parents.

And if we even for a moment doubt the inviolable tenets of modern pediatrics, then immediately there is a dilemma - or our children - the sad nature of the error, giving birth to them without the means to survive or something wrong our perceptions.

And here we again turn to the IA Arshavskaya: "... in pediatrics is usually characterized organisms early age periods, since birth, as immature and imperfect compared with the maturity of the child and adult physiology perfection at this point is the first steps toward the goal, which is ideal -zrelost and perfection of the adult organism. Hence the conclusions. for example, the lack of maturity of the respiratory system of newborns and infants is supposedly the reason that predispose to acute respiratory infections (ARI), the immaturity of the gastrointestinal functionstract - a contributing factor to diseases of the digestive system, the imperfection of the nervous system functions -.. her illness, etc. But our research revealed that in all age periods of the body can be considered perfect and mature, if its physiological function adaptively match his calendar age and thespecific environmental conditions with which it must interact. "

What is the environmental conditions to which the child has to interact, we have seen previously.

First of all we would like to dispel the myth of the well-established first year of a child's life as the most difficult for parents.It all depends on your attitude and on which path you choose.If you are full of fear, if you do not believe in the strength and capabilities of your baby and yourself as a competent parent, if you want to do everything "right" in accordance with standard guidelines to protect it from the many hazards of our world, then yes, it is a guaranteeyou have to work hard and poperezhivat.

We proceed from the assumption that parenthood - is not a chore, but a natural process that brings satisfaction and joy.The joy of growth, as you grow with your baby, breaking with it difficulties and setbacks, victories and achievements.He -part of you.Do you want this part was a burden?Should I build a hero?Enjoy life and do so that this joy may be inherent in the child.Can you imagine the tightly swaddled baby torn from the breast through the required fifteen minutes - "not overeaten," while smiling?

"conscious parenthood" implies that all actions of the parents towards their child to be meaningful.If you do something, you need to understand why you do it.

We must learn to ask yourself this question.Proceed as follows.Write a list of everything you're going to take with regard to the child.How to care for it, how to breastfeed when and how to start doing those or other tempering procedures, and so on. D. Try to analyze each item.What is its source?Why or why it is so and not otherwise?If you do not know the answer, try to find it, or think for yourself.Do this with a list of conventional medical advice.

you find that your "why" and "why" are growing in quantity without any answers.Why do I need to swaddle a baby?Why in the early days it lacks maternal colostrum and it should finish feeding?Why in the year it should be weaned from the breast?Why tempering water should start at 2 or 3 months?Why is the water temperature should be reduced by 1-2 degrees in a week?and so on. d. and of n.

Try to keep on the list is that you realize that you do not seem devoid of common sense.If you are in some doubt, use a rule - do not do to others what you do not want to imagine.

Ask someone to pull you the sheet and hold all day long.Let your beloved husband (or wife) comes to you every three hours and feeding from the spoon.In the evening reflect on swaddling.Start tempered.Douche comfortable temperature and reduce the water temperature 1-2 degrees per week.If after 1-2 weeks you will not get sick or do not start to feel worse, then you have a very healthy person and one can only hope that your child has inherited your health.

All conceptualize and check for yourself.Encourage confidence.Only this will give you the moral right of action.Even the best recommendation is performed without confidence, with an inner restlessness, not benefit.

1. Position the child in

dream we talked about the need to abandon the harmful practice of swaddling.While a child to sleep?After all, it makes involuntary movements, sometimes hitting themselves in the face, the skin is scratched, or simply sucks his thumb.

way out is surprisingly simple: put it on his tummy.Unusually?Fearfully?Let's think.

Have you ever seen a newborn baby of an animal, sleeping on your back?This happens very rarely and only when it is pressed against the mother.Therefore, it is more logical to ask: why do we put the baby on his back?

Although everything here is simple: zapelenuty and paralyzed baby, but still face down - this is too much!In addition, my mother always want to see the face of his child.

We follow the newly born child.What is the position he seeks to take?That which was in the womb.Hands and legs are bent, as if he was going to a ball.

This corresponds to the natural period of muscle tone.This position gives him comfort.Lying on the tummy is the easiest position to take.

tendency to accept this situation continues for a long time.Parents usually notice that as soon as the baby no longer swaddle and it can be rotated on their own, this position becomes the favorite for him.

in position on the back there are tensile stresses - the child tends to put his feet up.Swaddling further enhances this voltage.The child himself begins to straighten legs only with the weakening tone.

noticed that in the prone position are better digestion.Sometimes, after weeks of torment colic, "GAZ cars" and constipation are 2-3 days, we need only begin to lay the baby to sleep in this position.much easier bowel movements in this position.

Children, conducting all the time on his back, in a week after the birth noticeable vyalos internal organs, reduced ability to produce heat.

Prone position generally allows the child to better retain heat.The position is at the back increases the heat transfer surface.This is particularly exacerbated by the violent stretching legs while swaddling.

Thus, we can say that the position on the back is not physiological.

Another feature of the situation in the stomach that, under her knees picking up, the kid raises his lower torso just above head level.This improves the blood supply to the brain, as it were, partially compensating for the loss of the state of relative weightlessness, in which the child developing in the womb.

noticed that while translating into position on the tummy of the child will pass infectious diseases, lower probability itself activate infection.

very common fear of parents to congenital dysplasia and dislocation of the hip in the newborn.The technique involves the immobilization treatment of the child for a considerable time, and as a consequence, the development gap.

congenital dysplasia associated with underdevelopment of the hip joint tissues.And the most dangerous thing is that underdevelopment is fixed and is aggravated by swaddling."It is possible that one of the reasons hip dislocation when dysplasia is the tight swaddling a baby in some maternity hospitals."

In the prone position with legs matched to create optimal conditions for the full development of the hip joints.In the hook position is generally better blood flow to the pelvis, which is important for the health and development of children.

There are about mental factors speaking in favor of the provisions on the abdomen.In this position, the baby does not appear specific feelings of fear that can arise from the kind of huge space above it in contrast with the cramped uterus, where he spent a lot of time.

state of mind is different in positions at the back and on the belly.Do this experiment.Lie on your back.Let someone lean over you and shout loudly.Then do the same thing lying on his stomach.You will feel that your reaction is less than when you are lying on your stomach.This is especially noticeable if you do not expect the stimulus, and are in a dream or half-asleep.

In the supine position the mentality a little bit "in the platoon", answering a violent reaction to various stimuli.This also manifests itself in a deep breath in the supine position.How can you not remember AK Buteyko with his deep breathing syndrome.

If the newly born baby lay on his tummy, he behaves calmly and quickly falls asleep.When turning back, he begins to worry and cry.

All you can check yourself.Sit on your heels, knees, spread as widely as possible (feet touching each other).Lean forward until you lie down on the floor (the ideal is to lie on the floor the upper chest).Try it does not lift the pelvis.The head lay on his side, hands naturally bend and put his hands on the sides of the head.It is well known in hatha yoga "Child's Pose".At first it may seem inconvenient.But, having got used to be in it for a long time (3-4 minutes), you will experience a state of calm, tranquility.Imagine yourself in a newborn is still unknown and frightening world.Feel how this posture gives you a sense of some security.

Take this posture when you have problems with digestion.When you are cold, try and go to "child pose" and you will feel that you become warmer.And in these cases, put yourself in the place of the baby.

"child's pose" really like pregnant women and is a wonderful exercise.It gives a wonderful holiday and soothes the psyche.

While in this position, the baby is not scratched themselves and do not knock down his face.As far as sucking the thumb, you should not dwell on this.Let sucks.It usually takes two to three weeks.However, if it is intense and long thumb-sucking - it is a sign of its concern (thumb-sucking - a calming factor, and the child does it still in the womb when the mother excitement).The reason is usually in trouble Mom.

Sometimes parents report that the child does not want to sleep on his tummy and behave restlessly.As a rule, this is due to their lack of confidence in the correctness of his actions, as evidenced by the fact that if a child put to sleep on his stomach someone else, for whom there is no doubt that natural and physiological posture, and then he would sleep calmly.

In other cases, it may be associated with the implementation of reflex, whereby, for example, kittens or puppies crawling, touching legs, looking maternal nipple.The child also starts crawling, as though looking for something.Take a small pillow or folded blanket, place the baby in the head.Burying the crown in a soft obstacle, he immediately calms down and falls asleep.

2. Clothing

Surely you've seen an amazing picture and maybe have not thought about her illogical and paradoxical.

Spring, the sun shines brightly, the snow came down long ago, on the street just hot.Mom and dad walking with her young child who is in a wheelchair and sleeps.This is quite enough.