Mother's helpers

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Games, Educational Memory

Features and its educational value.This game is aimed at the development of children's verbal memory.As is known, memorizing words child more difficult than remembering items.By virtue of the child's thinking is difficult to remember a particular child to hear the word without regard to its substantive content.To this end, special efforts are required.This game is what creates the conditions that, on one hand, teaching such efforts, and on the other - they make it easy.Support for targeted and meaningful memorizing words in this game are the subject images and game chat with the tutor.

game is the nature of the plot.The provider assumes the role of mother, who gives his children (assistants) orders - and remember to bring what you need for the house.This plot is very close to everyday experience of children and satisfy their need to communicate with adults.It provides the emotional involvement of children in the game prompts to conditional action game.Very important is the fact that the adult is not the

individual lists, scattered objects, and objects, united by a common sense of the game.

meaningful and purposeful memorizing words prepare children for successful adult meaningful memorization of verbal instructions.And it is very important to educate children in the classroom and for their future lives.

Game material.Subject pictures which are selected from various board games:. 'Lotto in four languages ​​"," Pictures kids "," Botanical Summer ", etc. Images may depict a variety of subjects, such as: fruits, vegetables, toys, flowers, clothes, dishes andt. d. Pictures must be matched in sets consisting of three or four similar objects.The number of such units should match the number of participants in the game.Several sets desirable to have in reserve for the variation orders.

Game material is stored in a box with special compartments for different groups of pictures.

Game Description and methods of its implementation.The game can be carried out with a small subgroup of children (four - six persons) and with the whole group.We describe the version of the game with a small subgroup.The provider offers a new game to play with familiar images."I'm your mother, and you - my assistants.I want to cook for you a delicious vegetable soup.Little Johnny, my son, bring me the soup for the cabbage, carrots, potatoes.Repeat what I need to bring in order to make soup? "The answer to the question of an educator, a child comes to the table, where all the images laid out in advance, and selects the ones he needs.Then he shows them to all children, and they, along with the tutor assess whether the order is made correctly: whether he has brought, if anything confused.Mom thanks Vova and fun cooking soup."I want to buy you something delicious - she said after a while.- Go on, dear, to the store and brought us grapes, pear and orange.I remember that you need to buy? "My daughter is going to fulfill my mother's instruction, and then regale all fruits.

During the game my mother instructs her children to bring a variety of subjects (three or four species), each time explaining their purpose.For example, to buy toys for children (car, doll, bear, ball) or the dishes to set the table (cup, teapot, sugar bowl), a vase with flowers for beauty or bring what you need to clean the room (broom, shovel, bucketwith water).

Gradually, the repetition of games, we can expand the number of memorized words (up to five) and enrich the content of established relationships, for example, to the vegetables for the soup adds pan among garments can be a comb or brush for cleaning clothes, to the fruit can add a jug of water(to wash them) and so forth.

Fulfilling all assignments assessed and educator and children.Brought images used in the imaginary game action - the children pretend cook soup, fruit regale, play with toys, dress up for a walk, etc.

rules of the game..

1. Perform your own mother's instructions, not confusing and not forgetting anything.

2. Prompt is not allowed.

3. If someone is not fully complied with the instructions and that had forgotten to bring the children and remind him he goes again for the missing object.

Tips educator.All images subject should be familiar to children and are easily recognizable.Arrange in advance to the rows of tables, at a certain distance from each other in order to facilitate the distinction between children and their selection (images serve as a support for the recall, these words).

Given the complexity of memorizing words for young children, this game should be the last, when the children have already learned to establish and maintain meaningful communication on the other visual material.

with kids who often forget the words, play separately, by varying the different orders and encouraging their implementation.

During the game with the whole group, all children in turn become assistants.With two tables with the game material, you can simultaneously give orders at once two children.All the players evaluated together with the teacher the correct execution mother's orders.