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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Characteristics Theatrical Games

Known classification theatrical games do not take into account their main essence - means of representation enjoyed by the players.I would distinguish theatrical games, depending on the way these major emotional expressiveness through which play the theme, the plot.

offers all theatrical games divided into two main groups: the director's games and game-dramatization.

By directorial games in kindergarten, I would have reacted table, shadow theater, theater flanelegrafe.Here a child or an adult is not itself an actor, he creates scenes leading role toy character - volume or planar.He works for him shows his intonation, facial expressions.Pantomime child is limited.After all, it operates a fixed or sedentary figure toy.

dramatization based on the role of the artist's own actions, which then can be used bibabo dolls or characters, worn on the fingers.A child or an adult in this case, playing himself, mainly using his means of expression - intonation, facial expressions, pantomime.

TABLE theatrical game


Table toy theater.In this theater used a variety of toys - factory-made and home-made from natural and any other material.Here imagination is not limited to, most importantly, to toys and crafts steadily stood on the table and do not interfere with the movement.

Table theater images.All pictures - the characters and scenery - do not forget to make a two-sided, as the inevitable twists and turns, and that figure did not fall, you need the support, which can be very diverse, but always quite stable.This ensures the correct weight ratio or square pillars with a height of the image.The above picture, the larger or more significant area of ​​support is needed.

Actions toys and pictures on your desktop theater is limited.But we should not lift or carry them from place to place.It is important to simulate the desired movement: running, jumping, walking, and at the same time to pronounce the text.Status of the character, his mood passes leading intonation - happy, sad, mournful.

characters before the game, it is best to hide.Their appearance in the course of action creates Surprise element is of interest of children.

In order to create a picture of the scene, using elements of decoration: two-three trees - a forest of green cloth or paper on the table - a lawn, blue ribbon - a trickle.Do not spend a lot of time for such preparations and to bring to them the children, teach them to dream, invent new original spare parts for the scenery - and then everything will become interesting.

POSTER theatrical games

Stand-book.The dynamics, the sequence of events is easy to portray using successive illustrations.For games such as travel is convenient to use a stand-book.Fasten it to the bottom of the board.On top place the transport, which will take place on the journey.During .poezdki leading (first a teacher and then a child), turning the stand-book sheets, shows various scenes depicting the events and meetings that occur on the road.You can illustrate episodes from the life of the kindergarten, if the new modal process is depicted on each page.

Flanelegraf.Pictures show the good and the screen.It keeps their grip flannel, which tightened the screen and the flip side of the picture.Instead flannel at the pictures you can stick and pieces of emery paper or velvet.Figures Pick up with the children of old books, magazines, and may be missing to finish.It gives children the pleasure.Use and natural material.

Various shaped screens allow you to create "live" pictures, which is convenient to show the whole group of children.On-screen prisms can work in pairs at the same time all the kids in the classroom.Scenes on the screen is different, and the children will be able to make choices in a variety of images of the same subject.

This kind of game allows you to easily portray the crowd scenes, such as "Air Parade," "Flight of Birds", "The launch of a space rocket" and others.

Shadow Theatre.There needs screen of translucent paper, impressively carved black planar characters and bright light source behind them, through which the characters cast shadows on the screen.Very interesting images are obtained by means of the fingers.For example, it can be a goose, rabbit, barking dog, the angry turkey, fighting boxers and others. Do not forget to accompany the display of the corresponding sound.

to show a scene with several characters simultaneously, set the bar at the bottom of the screen on which you can enhance the shape.For example, first pull the turnip grandfather.Strengthen its shape on the bar and output grandmother, and so on. D. The figures place it near the screen to get a clear shade.Themselves are located below or to the side of the screen so that your shadow does not fall on him.

Shadow play good use in his leisure hours.

different design characters: from the ball (make a hole in the ball, stick the eyes, buttons, make the hair from threads or draw a marker in a hole you can stick your finger while wearing it with a handkerchief or insert any rod.);of the sock (sock tamp rags, put in his line of All fasten with rope or rubber band.);of clothespeg (wrap one end of the clothesline clothespins plaster Draw on it's face and clothes Top attach any cap..);the two pieces of fabric sewn together (make dolls the pattern of the two pieces of fabric. Sew them together, leaving holes for the arms. A person can be drawn).

VARIETY OF GAMES-dramatization

Participating in-dramatization games, the child would like included in the image, it is reincarnated in him, living his life.This is probably the most complex version, since it is not based on any pattern materialized.

Attribute - a sign of a character who symbolizes its typical properties.For example, a typical mask of the beast, cut from paper, hat, apron (elements of working clothes), kokoshnik, wreath, belt (elements of national headdress), and so on. D. The child puts on.Create the same way he has to - using intonation, facial expressions, gestures, movements.

If you do not have a full costume for the performance of the role, do not bother him or other manufacturer.Talk to your children, what is the sign character is most typical.Using it, fabricate an emblem by which all will recognize the depicted character.Reassure children that the most important - it is the way they carry out their role - similar or not.At the same time, and do not require high accuracy performance, do not spoil the mood of the children during the game.The ability to come gradually - after repeated playing roles and peer observations.

Games dramatization with fingers.The attributes of the child puts his fingers, but, as in the dramatization, he works for the character, the image is on the hand.Along the way, the child moves one or all fingers, reciting the text, moving the hand behind the screen.You can do without a screen and depict the action moving freely around the room.

Finger theater is good when it is necessary to simultaneously show multiple characters.For example, in the fairy tale "The Turnip" appear one after the other new characters.Such performance can show a child with the help of his fingers.Tales of "The Goat and the Seven Little Kids", "Twelve Months", "Malchish-Kibalchish", "Geese-swans" and others with multiple characters can display two, three children, which are located behind the screen.Showing such tales with crowd scenes possible thanks to fingertip attributes.

Games dramatization with puppets bibabo.

In these games on the fingers of the hand wearing a doll.Movement of her head, arms, torso carried out with the help of finger movements, the hand.

bibabo Dolls usually operate on a screen behind which hides driving.But when the game is familiar or puppets lead the children themselves, t. E. Mysteriousness moment disappeared, the leading can go to the audience, to communicate with them, to give them something to take someone by the hand, to engage in play and so on. D.This "exposure" does not decrease, but rather raises the interest and activity of children.

When children see adults playing with dolls bibabo, they probably also want to learn to drive their own.If the doll would be great for a child's hand, then in the head, you can insert two fingers instead of one.Shorten sleeves dolls to children's fingers were in the hands of delineator.You can make dolls for children's hands.For this useful well-preserved part of the old broken toys, soft little animals.Put them zagrimiruyte for the desired role.Show the children how to move the doll as her drive on the screen.

Improvisation - enactment of threads of the plot without prior training - perhaps the most difficult but also the most interesting game.Ready for it all the previous forms of theater.Yet children are at a loss, if you suddenly ask them to act out a particular scene.Prepare them to do - come up with a theme, discuss how to depict what will be the role of specific episodes.

next step - let each participant will represent the theme of the game in his own way.And even more difficult task: the child chooses a theme and as it plays itself.The next time you guys do ask each other threads.Finally, with the help of facial expressions, intonation, the attribute can make a puzzle.Otgadka is a theme that also played out.

Theatrical games as a kind of plot-role-playing games retain their typical characteristics: content, creative design, the role of the plot, role and organizational actions and attitudes.The source of all these components is the world around us.He is also a support for the creativity of the teacher and the children.Each theme can be played in several variants.

However, in contrast to the subject-role-playing, theater games developed on a pre-prepared script, based on - the content of fairy tales, poems, stories.Ready story as it leads the game.However, facilitating the development of the theme, it is at the same time reduces the creative solution of its teacher and children.All currently existing practical recommendations to theatrical games are generally reduced to the development of scenarios for literary works, most of which are playing adults.Senior preschool children sometimes attracted to the performing arts, but their work is only in its own emotional expression enacted the role.

Children rarely involved in the preparation and decorations for the play.Most often they are offered ready-made suits, which, of course, pleases the kids, but at the same time limiting their autonomy and creativity.Without denying the theme of finished scripts, you want to show in this book, as they can be creatively used in theatrical games that children have an opportunity independently to improvise on themes taken from life (funny story, an interesting event, a good deed).It is useful to find different options for the development of each topic, as if in the future to see the results of their deeds, actions and so on. D.

creative and independent development of the theme, the search for different options to solve it promotes and sensible combination in a single match of pictorial means peculiar to different games.It allows children to use all known methods of their image.

The first time the game is best done on flanelegrafe.It allows you to freely model and at the same time fix a variety of situations.Table theater toys and pictures, too, has the same properties.In addition, it is convenient to simulate the movement of cars, pedestrians, animals and other characters.

difficult to play dolls bibabo if poorly possess their driving technique.They have to keep moving, as if alive, they can not be fixed on the plane table.But with them, you can create a lot of funny scenes and use the same doll in repeated games, constantly maintaining the interest of children to them.

All of these types of games require theatrical direction respect of pronunciation and replicas.Here are necessary and expressive tone, typical of a certain way of describing his actions and behavior, and appropriate facial expressions, voice complements the game.Images of the characters' behavior becomes more complicated in the game-dramatization.Pantomime then becomes the leading visual tool.The image comes from the actions of the characters, facial expressions, intonation and content replicas.This gives scope for creative transformation of a familiar story.

you cast scenes in the sequence, which is offered in the book, facilitated by independent game of children and create conditions for creative solutions to the same theme, as every previous game becomes a stepping stone for the next.Want to try?Maybe you'll get no worse.Do not worry if you do not have enough attributes, and do not delay the game.It can be adapted to its plot any available material.For this we need only a little imagination.

Think with your children, how best to combine in one game the attributes and methods of the image used in different kinds of games.After all, the same story can play and flanelegrafe, and with the help of desktop toy theater, and other means.Opportunities for Children and adults here are not limited.Preschoolers with the help of adults are able to produce simple and decorations that emphasize the characteristics of the character or scene.

different design dolls: a coil or fungus for darning;from a wooden spoon;milk package.