Wonderful chest

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Games, Developing Speech And Thinking

Features and its educational value.The objective of this game -uchit children clearly, loudly and clearly say the familiar words.Game situation also includes requirements for the intonation of the speech (to express his request, gratitude, and so forth. With appropriate intonation).In addition, children learn to engage in dialogue, that is. E. To listen to the statements of peers and respond to their words and actions.

game is built on surprises that kids get from the wonderful chest.Peculiar kids curiosity, the desire to quickly find out which toy who cooked, and joy when it is received provide an active interest in the game, contribute to the successful implementation of its requirements.

In this game, it is a means of friendly, polite children communicate with each other.Children learn to help each other, to share the difficulties of others.The game combines the kids develop their sense of solidarity.

Game material.Figurative toy, the nature of which allows you to perform expressive movements assoc

iated with multiple repetition of certain speech sounds in different combinations: small size dolls, airplanes, bunnies, cars, ducks, birds, frogs, soldiers or sailors, rattles and articulated dolls, etc...toys should not be less than the participants in the game.It is advisable to have a few toys in stock.

For the game also need a large cardboard box or a box from under the premise (they should be to attach the flip cover).This chest can draw beautifully, colored paper pasted.For durability it is better to first pasted gauze, and over it with colored paper.Each type of toy you need to have four copies.Identical items recommended for easy to put on a cardboard plate, or at least lay each row of toys thick paper.This will prevent children from unnecessary searches and facilitate educator organizing the game.

chest can bring to the group a big toy car or truck.She will replace the palm trunk.The pedestal can also use a regular chair.

Game Description and methods of its implementation.Vowing to show the kids something very interesting, the teacher invites them to take their seats on chairs and brings elegant chest with toys.Raises it slightly shakes, so that the children heard the sound, and asks: "Do you think there is?" Evoke in the children's curiosity and giving them the opportunity to tell fortunes a little, the teacher sits at the table and begins to explain the game.He puts the chest in front of the kids sitting in such a way that it was easy to follow the progress of the game, it is convenient to remove the toys and to at the same time there is adequate space for game action.Trying to introduce kids to the game situation and cause their active interest in the game, the teacher removes the chest fabric, which it is wrapped, and on behalf of the trunk turns to the children with the following words:

«I have a wonderful chest, you guys, I - my friend.I'd like to me know how you like to play.

Hello guys!Take me to play with you! ".

Children with teacher greet trunk and take it into the game.Getting visual-effective explanation of the game, then turns to the adult children, prompting them the right words, then he spoke on behalf of the trunk.As a result, about a dialogue between the kids and a wonderful chest:

Children.Chest, chest, that you have brought us?

Mentor (on behalf of the trunk).I have all of you brought a toy.

Children.Well, thank you!(Claps his hands.) What kind of toys do you bring?

Mentor.I brought you a lot of toys: cars, airplanes, dolls, bunnies, ducks and frogs.

Children.A lovely chest!You all brought toys?

Mentor.Toys I chock-full, enough for everyone!

After this dialogue the teacher beckons once four children, encourages them to approach the chest and turn to him with the following words: "A trunk, trunk, please open up and tell me what toys you brought?" The teacher warns that taking only those toyswho call the chest (after all the toys he brought kids), you need to speak the words clearly and loudly, slowly, to the chest heard and understood what he is asked.Then, the teacher recalls the words that must be said chest, and together with the recalled children utters them.The rest of the players to help them.

enduring a brief pause, the teacher slowly flip cover trunk calls and toys made for children caused by the Quartet.Children take called toys.they are all the same and are in the trunk from above.Kids show all their toys and sit on the ground.Called the new quartet.Together with the teacher the children pronounce the right words, take the same toy made for them, showed them all and return to the field.So, quickly, lively and fun going on the distribution of toys.Reign chest is closed and the teacher reminds the children that chest wanted to know how they like to play, and play offers received toys.

So any one group of children who received the same toys.They are invited to show chests as they play with their toys.Mentor tells gaming activities and shows expressive movements that are performed by imitation.For example, if you have children in the hands of the pupa, they can dance with them, and all the others sing a song they dance tune.By showing tutor children musicians play imaginary instruments, uttering certain sounds.. A pipe - "labor-ru-ru" the balalaika - "Ding-Ding-Ding," etc. The kids have got airplanes, Start Your Engines, saying"trrrr ..," and then "fly high up" the room.The rest of the players pronounce the same sounds: they help start the engine.Children who received bunnies, jump, and all the others to help them with the words "gallop, gallop, gallop."Toy soldiers marching in unison, and all the rest of the game depicted on the drum, saying "tram-ta-ra-ram."Ducks waddling walk around the room, saying, "quack-quack-quack" and others too quacking.

Thus, all participants in the game, imitating caregivers perform various game actions, expressive movements and practice in pronunciation of different sounds, usually complicating it many younger preschoolers.Ends the game

is different: you can make a circle around the trunk, to sing him a song, and invite guests once again, can be freely grouped around the trunk, and to thank him, but you can on behalf of the chest to assess the games (praise the children and say goodbye to them)and then bring the chest out of the room.Rules of the game.

1. The right words to speak loudly, slowly, distinctly pronouncing each sound.

2. Take out trunk only those toys that were called;be sure to show the rest of the toy resulting -chastnikam games.

3. After showing the action with toys should be returned to them in the trunk.

4. Talking to chest expressive, conveying a question or request the appropriate intonation.

Tips educator.By its nature, the proposed game is fun, so it is necessary that the distribution took place toys alive and tired children.To do this, think in advance and prepare toys destined to a particular child, and place them in the trunk so that it is convenient to take.

Think in advance the composition of each quartet playing is better to combine the timid, shy children to be more active and bold.This will help those who are passive, to overcome his shyness.It is also important to ensure continuous activity of all participants in the game, which can be shown that helping others caused by children.

this game, it is desirable to repeat several times, complicating its rules.For example, you can allow children, when they are comfortable with the rules, choose a toy of their own accord.While the kids are still not organized and are not prepared to carry out complex rules, it is possible to simplify the distribution of toys (these actions will serve as an adult).

By repeating part of the game toys can be replenished, thereby diversifying the content of game action.An important condition for the success of the proposed game is an example of emotional behavior caregiver.