What makes the driver , play with baby

Formation simplest role behavior began already in the third year of life - union in the value chain of actions specific to a particular role, naming themselves the name of another, in response to a question by an adult.A child in an independent game with puppets already recreates the first role: mama-daughter, the doctor - patient.

But how does he do it?Look closely at his game.Mom feeding daughter dinner, leads a walk, put to bed.The doctor puts a thermometer and make injections.And so from game to game - the same thing.Monotonous and roles, and role-playing activities themselves (often determined by the availability of relevant toys).

adult task at this stage - to enrich the content of the game and expand the role of the range of roles that assumes the child.How can this be done?First of all, he read the book, which in an accessible form for the child revealed the professional features of adults, their relationships with other people, to talk to him about what makes a driver, doctor, what is the mean

ing of their work.But you can do it and playing with the child.

specific human functions much more clearly visible through its relationship with other people.In principle, each part contains the potential links with other roles.But there is a role for which the main action is aimed directly at the other person.Such a role (let's call it the center), just with the need to require the emergence of a different role, with which it is semantic unity (this other role can be called more).Examples of such pairs of role relations: doctoral patient mother - daughter prodavets- buyer, teacher - student, etc. These roles with clear relationship to the child and the adult must initially use in cooperative play...

a lot of guys are familiar role of the child.Some people - from our own experience (his treating doctor, the barber clipped, the driver drove in a taxi), the other - according to observations (he sees my mother buys products in the store sends the parcel at the post office, etc...).Something he knew and read the story (the captain controls the sailors on the ship, the teacher teaches children and so on. N.).

usually more attracted to a child in the main roles of the pair, the center (doctor, the captain, the seller).It seems to him more interesting, it is always more action (and the seller can be weighed, and cut and wrap a package, and that purchasing can only ask whether the desired goods to him).

Adult, connecting to already begun playing the role of the child and taking additional role (which is usually a child dolls attributes) -patsienta, passenger, the buyer may, through play action cues, passing explanations to significantly expand the representation of both the child and their respective roles and behaviortherefore, increase the range of its possible action game.

example, a child - "doctor", he treats his "patients" - dolls.

- My arm hurts, too, - is connected to the game vzroslyy.- doctor to treat me.

Patients may be different: moody and quiet, fearing any medical manipulation and fearless even in the prick.Their behavior and causes different reactions, actions, replica "Doctor."An adult can represent and the child (because my mother knows how it behaves at the doctor).This little playful image of children playing themselves gives them positive emotions.And

disease patients are different.With some they come to the clinic, and the other:

- Come on - I had a high fever.I called home "first aid".

Then and independent action game baby- "Doctor" will be more diverse.

But your son built the chairs of the car, buzzing with delight and turns the steering wheel.Stay a little longer passenger:

- You're the driver?You have a bus or a taxi?

- drove me, please, to the store.

passenger because often talking to a taxi driver, so you can add variety to the game due to role-based dialogue, stating at the same time presenting a child of the driver (which brand of car, how often do break down who it mends, where she goes on a night where the garageetc.).You can talk about the names of the surrounding streets, to see how the child is guided in them.Of course, all of these questions together with an adult child and responds using the game to increase the knowledge of the child.

talking with "driver", you can easily get out of the game:

- I have arrived, thank you.

And to the child's actions were not limited to roofing

"taxiing" can hint at the course of events:

- I think you have a junk car.You would check the engine!

Or else:

- You gasoline is not over yet?Is not it time to refuel the car?

Proposed actions the child can expand without the partner.

put into play new roles should be cautious, as the initial inability of the child to realize them through the game action may result in failure.For example, an adult child offers completely new role for him:

- Come on - you will be the captain and I'm a sailor!

Immediately following disclaimer:

- No, I do not know how.

Therefore it is better to offer a new role, introducing it through the description and create a complete game situation:

- Come on - as if we were sailing on the boat.This is our ship.

Designation of gaming space may now be conditional, more concise than in the game with the children of the third year, but still need the specific details of the ship: the nose of the circuit or her helm, the mast or bridge.Use the substituents: the contours of the ship can be defined cubes, sticks, thick rope.In -stul center, also known as "the bridge".Leading the way - "the wheel" (a toy wheel on a stand or anything like that, what can act as a steering wheel).If the child wants, then he will add detail to the "steamer" itself.

- Do you want to be a captain?- Offers adult.

- No?Then I'll be the captain and you're a sailor.Good?Where do we sail?

The first action will attract your baby, he will see how the captain, and now he would not mind to get up at your place.Suggest it to him:

- Come-now you're the captain, and I'm a sailor.

Asking content Action captain you can and the role of the sailor, tactfully using leading questions, thoughts aloud about what, in your opinion, is the responsibility of the captain, and that - in the responsibilities of the sailor.

facilitate the adoption of the role of the child as possible and through the in-game items.Now they do not have as much as before.This can be the subject, which is the external sign of the role (such subjects teachers are called role-playing attributes), such as a cap, indicating the role of captain, a handbag with a red cross for a doctor, and so on. N. These attributes can parents prepare themselves (or with the child)if they want to bring into play a new role of the child.But we must not overly fond of.They should be simple and concise, as only a familiar role.Role-playing is not a masquerade, no special costume she does not need.The child should be able to just quickly change the role of the game, and how to take.

Another object of facilitating the adoption of the new role is a toy, on the one hand, serving also as a sign of the role, and on the other - as a subject of direct operating.It immediately sets the child specific action corresponding to the role.For example, for the captain of such a specific key toy can be binoculars for the seller in the store -.. Scales, etc.

connecting to the child's game, an adult should have in mind the semantic field, which already operates a child (ie a plot of the game.., playing the role), and to make proposals and amendments from the inside it.

worth only a few times to do it directly ( "Is that the way the driver doing?", "This is the machine does not seem to have to do is not so" and so on. P.), You destroy the immediacy of the game (after all, it is important to convey notprecise action, and the meaning of it) and the child prefers to play alone, avoiding your intervention, stopping the game when adults.

child's self useful After the game to discuss with him what he was playing today, someone was.(After all, when he plays alone, he has no need for a name, the designation of their role, then its realization may be delayed.)