Little Red Riding Hood

August 12, 2017 17:51 | The Middle Group

Based on IIJ tales.Perrault

dramatization with improvisation CHILDREN

Target.Educate children respect for elders, obedience, friendliness, politeness;learn to appreciate the good, condemning evil, to find the right way out in unexpected situations, prepare attributes to the dramatization, creative approach to picture her story, bright, expressive display the moral essence of the characters.

Characters.Lead, Red Riding Hood, mother, grandmother, wolf, lumberjacks, forest dwellers - flowers, trees, birds, insects, zveryata, mushrooms, etc.

Preparing for the game..Show the children the filmstrip "Red Riding Hood" fairy tale by Charles Perrault (artist E. Migunov).Draw them to the manufacturing attributes for the upcoming game.You can paint the cap, apron, sculpt plasticine treat for my grandmother, made from soft wire glasses, build a bed, draw attributes for the characters live and good wood.

material.For girls - red cap, apron, basket of goodies;hat or mask depicting toothy wolf;clothes elements a

nd attributes for lumberjacks - hats, jackets, vests, wooden hatchets;elements mom costume;glasses, apron for grandma, bed, house.

the game.By organizing the first game, let the children that to visit them came from France tale - "Red Riding Hood", and wrote her French writer-storyteller Charles Perrault.By distributing roles among children, try to make sure that the game was attended by as many children as possible.To do this, you can offer them to represent trees, flowers, mushrooms and berries in the woods or birds, butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, and so on. D. Those who chose the role of the inhabitant of the forest, home teaching by rote riddle or poem about an animal or a plant.

leading role take over.

Lead (affectionately).Once there was a village a little girl, so pretty that it is better and there was no light.

Red Riding Hood hello, smiling, making a curtsey.

Lead.Mother loved her without memory, and grandmother more.

mother and grandmother gently stroked the girl's head, correct dress.

Lead, To the birthday granddaughter grandmother gave her red cap.

Leading expresses admiration gift motivates girl happily accept it.

admires with her cap, helps a girl to put on it.

Lead and the girl asked the children if they like cap.

Red Riding Hood invites kids on their birthday..

Leading advises children to go to visit with gifts: puzzles, poems, songs, dances, stories about funny incidents, stories.

on holiday together asked Little Red Riding Hood also speak.

The guests, my mother and grandmother escorted the girl.

Lead.Once baked pie mother.(Samples from the girl, glad that turned out delicious.)

Mom.Go-ka you, Little Red Riding Hood to his grandmother.

demolished her the cake and a pot of oil so find out if she is healthy.

Red Riding Hood going on the road, he says goodbye to his mother and leaves, singing a song with musical accompaniment.

Leading rings the bell, and flower children, children-trees create a living forest, into which the Little Red Riding Hood.Flying butterflies, dragonflies, turn red berries, small animals run out.

Lead.Forest graciously met the girl (every child expresses it in his own way), and Little Red Riding Hood was delighted his long-time good friends.

There are birds, butterflies, moths, beetles, ants and others. Everyone thinks of itself a puzzle or reading poetry.Little Red Riding Hood guess riddles.Spectators help her.

Snail.Who is currently your home?

Beetle.Cheren, but not crow,

horned, but not a bull,

six feet without the hoof.

Mushroom.Through the land was -

Red Riding Hood found.

Squirrel.I go in a fluffy coat,

live in a dense forest,

In the hollow of the old oak

Nuts I gnaw.

Spruce.Winter and summer one color ..

forest dwellers.All I tread, but I get better.(Stele path that forks into two.)

Leading . Guess Little Red Riding Hood, so help her path to quickly get to grandmother's village.

Suddenly, the wolf appears.

Lead.Look, the wolf!

And why he licked?

Is up to something bad?

Let's distract him.Come together put forth a riddle.

all.The coat in summer and winter - naked.(Forest.)

Wolf thinks.The guys guessing him another riddle: "a ball of fluff, long ear, jumping deftly loves carrots."(Rabbit.)

At this time heard the sound of an ax.

All listen.It lumberjacks cutting down the forest.

Wolf.Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?

Lead.And Little Red Riding Hood did not know how dangerous it is - to stay in the woods and talk to wolves.By: I greeted it with a wolf and says ...

Red Riding Hood .I went to my grandmother and carry her a cake and this one pot of oil.

Wolf (licking).And your grandmother how far it lives?

Red Riding Hood.Pretty far.Look to the village of Mill, in the first house on the edge.

Wolf.Okay.I also want to visit your grandmother.

I go down this road, and you go for one.

Let's see which one of us will come sooner.

Lead.He said it is a wolf, and ran what was the spirit at the short track.

Friends Little Red Riding Hood - forest dwellers trying to delay the wolf, in every way interfere with him.

Lead.And Little Red Riding Hood went on the longest road, she walked slowly along the way and then stopped.

Before she could even get to the mill, and the wolf has ridden to the grandmother's house and a knocking at the door: tap, tap.

grandmother.Who's there?

Wolf (small voice).It's me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood.

I to visit you came, brought a cake and a pot of oil.

Lead.A grandmother was ill at the time and was lying in bed.

She thought it was really Little Red Riding Hood, and cried ...

grandmother.Pull the rope - the door opens!

Lead.Wolf pulled the rope - the door opened.

Rushed wolf grandmother wanted her to swallow, but did not, because I heard the blows of the ax: it lumberjacks cut down wood.

in surprise and fear the wolf stumbled and fell.

A grandmother managed to hide under the bed.

sits dead than alive.

wolf was very hungry, because three days did not eat anything.

He put on his grandmother's cap, glasses, lay down in her bed and began to wait for Little Red Riding Hood.

Soon she came and knocked on the door: tap, tap.

Wolf (rough, hoarse voice).Who's there?

Lead.Little Red Riding Hood was scared (using gesture expresses fear), but then I thought that my grandmother hoarse from the cold and because she has such a voice.

she recovered from the fright and says ...

Red Riding Hood.It's me, your granddaughter.

brought you a pie and a pot of oil.

Wolf (clears his throat, making her voice thinner hair's breadth as a grandmother).

pull the rope, my child - and opens the door.

Lead.Little Red Riding Hood pulled the strings - and the door opened.

girl came in to the house, and the wolf hiding under the blanket and says ...

Wolf.Put it on, granddaughter, cake on the table, put a pot on the shelf, and she sit down next to me.

You probably very tired.

Lead.Little Red Riding Hood sat down beside him.a wolf and asks ...

Red Riding Hood (surprised).

Grandma, why do you have such big hands?

Wolf.It is stronger to hug you, my child.(Hugs.)

Red Riding Hood.Grandma, why do you have such big ears?

Wolf.My child to hear better.(Listens.)

Red W h and on to a.Grandma, why do you have such big eyes?

Wolf.To see better, my child.(Adjusts his granny glasses.)

Red Riding Hood (in fear).Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?

Wolf.And this is likely to eat you, my child!

Lead.No sooner had Little Red Riding Hood and gasp as the evil wolf rushed at her ...

And he would have swallowed it with slipper and a red cap, but there was a knock at the door.

Fortunately, at this time passed woodcutters house with axes on their shoulders.

they heard the noise, ran into the house and tried to kill the wolf, but it is very much plaintively begged forgiveness ...

Wolf.Let me go, I promise not to hurt anyone else, will always help my grandmother - chop wood, carry water.(Offers a lot of good deeds.)

Lead.Decided grandmother.Little Red Riding Hood, lumberjacks ask you, children: what to do with the wolf?

Perhaps believe him?(Replies children.)

Lead.Let's come up with for his trial.If he will sustain them, then we believe it.

forest dwellers agree, all dancing.

plot replayability little better modified to have children is not lost interest in it.

can strongly interfere with the wolf, until he goes to the grandmother: to distract him by talking, obstruct, swirl, tangle in the dances, etc. Children are usually happy to come up with different ways to help achieve the goal of a positive hero...

While the wolf is blocking the way one group of children (trees and flowers), the other girl opened the way (trees affably waving branches, bird show, where to go).

Yet an unexpected obstacle delaying Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf again gets to her grandmother before.

For example, the Red Riding Hood appears a wounded bird or other animal in need of assistance.

In each subsequent game in a new act out the episode, for example, use to create poetry scene:

And suddenly there was a fox: Oh, I was bitten by a wasp!

and dislocated shoulder

The poor grasshopper;

not jump, not jumping it,

And he was crying bitterly ...

By . Chukovskij

appearance of ripe berries, nuts can cause Red Riding Hood desire to collect them.

But it can also happen that someone lost in the woods and cry, Little Red Riding Hood and comforts him, treats berries, it shows the way.

Yes you never know what will come up with you and your children!

preparation for the games again, consider and discuss with the guys playing new versions of all the scenes.

I would like to wolf gradually changed for the better - became kinder, friendlier and even made friends with the Little Red Riding Hood.

sure to observe the creative imagination of children in the allocation of roles.

child gets the role, aims to come up with for it is something new, new business, actions, adventures.

Evaluate the role behavior in terms of expressiveness of the image.