His family rejoice

August 12, 2017 17:51 | The Middle Group

improvisation, dramatization

The game "Goat and the Seven Little Kids."Characters are made of natural material: a roll of a birch bark, bast corn, pine cones, twigs.Used as dried berries, leaf pieces, plasticine.

Target.Teach children to express attention, care, sympathy for the family and friends, to the people around.Give examples of positive actions and cause in children the desire to imitate them.With the tools of emotional expressiveness (intonation, facial expressions, gestures, etc.) To make fun of negative traits.

Characters.The heroes of different fairy tales, such as the goat of the fairy tale "The Goat and the Seven Little Kids";Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka;grandfather, a woman from the "Turnip";Little Red Riding Hood and other characters.

Preparing for the game.Have the children ask the relatives than they can to please their children;accumulate the experience of such actions.Allow parents to learn the job with the kids short poems on the subject.

material.bibabo Dolls.To

ys with which children can imitate the work of adults, such as trowel Bricklayer's gun for the painter, combine to combiner.It is possible to use images of tools, but in this case the children can show them only, but not to act with them.

the game.In the first game leading the guys he thinks of the puzzle of the labor of their loved ones.The role of the leading incur.

can use excerpts from literary works, illustrations with images of workers of different professions.Perhaps your group will approach some of these passages.If not, pick up the desired poems and stories themselves.The meaning of the game is that the children learned in excerpts from literary works profession of their loved ones, their way of life.At the construction site

hot time,

signal already struck.

Today mason morning

To work started.

Puts brick by brick -

Paint the room's time -

invited painter.

But not with a brush and a bucket

Our painter comes into the house:

Who is wearing a hat

Bordered to the shoulders

looking through a piece of glass

In hot stove?

This smelter

For fuse monitoring.

furnace glowing

growing floor by floor,

And every hour, every day

above all a new home.

S. Baruzdin

Instead brush he brought

mechanical pump.

paint splatters on the wall,

sun shines in a window.

S. Baruzdin

muffled buzzing ...

In her like

Fire beast


Angry iron:

- Hey, smelter, let them!

Belozerov T.

«Much work your loved ones, - says a leading - a lot of useful things are doing.What they care about you, they love!Guess-ka, about whose mother, grandmother or dad these verses tell and show how you can be at home. "

After each read a poem contest arranged answers - whose exact, interesting.And questions are being asked fairy-tale characters: the goat (from the fairy tale "The Goat and the Seven Little Kids"), Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka, my grandfather let the woman from the "Turnip", Little Red Riding Hood.The characters may be different, but also voiced their caregiver.


damp, frowning

Outside the window,

Rain drizzles,


sky is gray

hanging above the roofs.

And in the house -

Cleanliness, comfort;

We have our own weather here,

smile mother

Clear and warm -

's really you

and sun

The room has ascended!

O. Driesse

goats.Why smile on my mother's warm, light?

(listen carefully to the answers of children, lively, emotionally react to them.)

Lead.Let us ask the Pope - an empty response, the Pope knows all the world!

S. Kaputikian goats.Why boy sure dad knows everything?(Competition responses.)

Lead.Picture books

Mom bought.

Joy as

At Lena was!

gently takes her hands on


first book

Sit down to read.

AV Kalinkin

Goat.Why buy my mother so pleased with the girl?(Replies children.)

Lead.I do not tolerate my dad

idleness and boredom,

Dad skillful,

Strong hands!

And if someone

must help,

My dad always

To work not away.

E. Serov

Goat.What words can be said about this Pope?(Listens attentively the children's responses, evaluates them, encourage shy children.)

Lead.Now listen to a poem about his grandfather.

I have a grandfather,

As winter gray.

I have

Grandpa with a white beard.

On charging the sun

Near sees us.

raise their hands we

The command: "Once»

and chilly water,

right from the creek,

Together we wash: Grandpa and me.

different questions I ask him:

- Where?

- Why?

- Did soon?

- How much?

- Why?

me all my grandfather

may give an answer.

And not old my grandfather,

Though a hundred years old.

R. Gamzatov

Santa.What do you think, why centenarian grandfather does not seem old?(Competition responses.)

Lead.Well done guys, the correct answer to the question.

Do you want to hear a poem about my mother?

lived in the world mom

Already many years.

None more mothers

In the whole world there.

later it all goes,

Previously, all stands,

At home all day is busy,

Though tired.

morning tea on the table put:

- yes Drink Eat, son -

All of us gather, send

to school for a lesson!.

Here look, planting beans,

bread is kneading

And the cow time to feed


handle lost, a notebook -

By the evening will.

Day to a neighbor about the health

Cope will go.

you live in the world, mom,

many, many years.

anybody you dearer

In the whole world there!

K. Tangrykuliev

Baba.Why mom wants son to live for many years?

why he considers it the most native?(Replies children.)


By May, a sunny spring

Mom sewed me a dress.

Began I try

festive dress.

Lovelier dress my

I did not notice it,

As I put it,

All Smart has become!

P. Samples

Alyonushka.Why mom sewed my daughter the most elegant dress?

(Helps children to answer the question.)

Lead.Listen to the story of Leo Tolstoy.

In the crowd, lost a child in the street.

running, shouting, looking for his mother.

people asked the child:

"What's your mother, child?»

A child tearfully replies, "Do not you know ..?»

goats.How do you think the children had said about his mother a child?(. To listen to the answers guys)

child like you, children, too, said, "My mom is the one that better than anyone."

Lead.It turns out that all the good, affectionate mother, intelligent, hard-working fathers and grandparents.

And now I will read a poem in which anyone of you can find out himself.

Who knows himself, let him tell us how he helps the family, trying to bring them joy.

(Read an excerpt from a poem by E. Blaginin "Sit in silence».)

Mom is asleep, she was tired ...

Well, I did not play!

I'm not looking top,

And sat down and sit.

I would much like to -

read aloud and the ball roll,

I'd sung a song,

I used to laugh could.Yes

little eh I what I want!

But Mom is asleep, and I am silent.

Alyonushka.What do you think, guys, why the girl to save my mother's rest, refused to fun?

How can you say that Coy girl?

How many of you did the same?(Gives the opportunity to speak to everyone.)

Lead.Well done boys!

Be always as careful and caring, and not only in relation to his mother, and for all the people around, and especially to those who are weaker than us.

Listen to another poem.

It is called the "lost boy."

boy ran away pigeons

and do not know how to get back to his mother,

He roars, he was very frightened,

boy is only the third year.

- Lost!

- Boy lost!

- At the corner of worried people.

comforting baby girl:

- Come on, Mike, look all around:

mom here, she reads a book ...

We are with you today we will find it.

A to the bench by children

woman running out of the corner.

- I was!- Says she Misha.-

This girl found me!

3. Alexandrov

Ivan.Why the boy was frightened when he lost his mother?

how to handle the girl with Lost Boys?(Replies children.)

And you guys like that happened?

Lead.I became grandmother

Old, ailing,

walk from it


Brave pilot

soon I will become I,

I will plant it

in the plane.

Not ROCK her,

not swing the it,

rest it


grandmother will say: "Ah yes, my grandson, my pilot Ah yes!Well done! »

S. K.aputikyan

Alyonushka.Why granddaughter grandmother would call a stiff upper lip?(Replies children.)

Lead.Next to my mother, I go to sleep,

To her lashes cling.

you, eyelashes, not blink,

Mom does not wake up.

G. Vieru

Alyonushka.How can one say about a child who saves my mother's dream?(Replies children.)

Lead.That's right, he is kind, considerate, sensitive, for b of tlivy.

For example, this girl:

And Gibushki the door

Poch it y-then silence ...

Maybe she's sick?I jumped up,

opened the door:

- Grandma, what are you lying?

«ambulance» to call home?

- No, - said - is not necessary.

any better, "ambulance",

If you sit next to ...

Sick my grandmother,

A "ambulance" - that's me!

E. Grigorieva

Red Riding Hood.

Why grandmother easier when the granddaughter of next?

As can be called an act granddaughter?(Replies children.)

Lead.In the yard and in the house, I am happy to work hard


grandfather tells me:

- Feed the chickens!

- Cheep, cheep, cheep!-krichu I.

have breakfast time!

R. Gamzatov

Alyonushka.What can be said about this child?(Replies children.)

Lead.That's right, he diligent, obedient, caring.

Do any of you guys have younger brothers and sisters?

Do you care about them as this girl?

I know how to put on one's shoes,

If only I want,

Me and little brother

shoes teach.

E. Blaginina

Alyonushka.Perhaps among you like this boy?

I have my sister Lida

will not let anyone to offend!

I live with her very friendly,

Very I love her.

And when I will need,

I myself beat it!

A. Barto

How do you take care of your brothers and sisters?(Hold contests responses.)

Lead.Children who of you help your loved ones like this "helper" from a poem by A. Barto?

In many cases Tanya,

In many cases Tanya:

morning brother helped -

He ate candy in the morning.

Here Tanya how much things: Tanya eat, drink tea,

Villages with his mother sat,

got up, went to his grandmother.

Bedtime told her mother: -

you undress me yourself,

I'm tired, I can not, I

help you tomorrow.

Somehow, everyone laughs and no one recognized such "help."

Probably among you there are no children.

And if someone recognized himself rather corrects, and even will laugh at you as they are now laughing at Tanya.

And who wants to be like those children?


Well, now quite large

Rach and Karine.

Look, there's some

Rach and Karine.

Paul swept and watered

Rose on a window,

table for dinner served

Rach and Karine.

helps at home mom

Rach and Karine.

All the dishes wash themselves

Rach and Karine.

Rub the glass, frames,

shelves on the wall,

Here assistants mom -

Rach and Karine.

S. Kaputikian

Ivan.What can we say about these children?(Allows you to all who wish to speak.)

in e u d u and d."At the close, but apart bored" - so the story that I have just read.

brother sister says: "Do not touch my top."

Responsible sister brother: "Do not you touch my dolls!" The children sat on different angles, but both of them soon got bored.Why children got bored?

By . Ushinskiy

Alyonushka.Guys, how you answer this question?(Competition satisfied answers.)

Lead.All moms want their children to be polite.

Who and s you can explain what it means to be polite?

(Listen to the children's responses.) What do you think, can it be considered, polite boy, which is written this poem?

That's who we politeness

He proved in practice -

He midnight quiet hours

Rose's mother out of bed.-

What's the matter ?!-

mother jumped up.?

- ill, my son ..

- I forgot to tell you: My mother, good night!

S. Pogorelovsky

Goat.Why the boy was misplaced politeness?(Replies children.)

Lead.Now I will introduce you with another boy.

Would you like to be friends with him?

knew I was a child.

Walked he nyaneyu important.

She gave a subtle



Was this polite boy

And, really, very nice:

rob younger


He thanked them,

«Thank you!» - Said.

S. Marshak:

goats.We want this baby to be friends not.And you guys?(Replies children.)

Goat.But why no one wants to be friends with this boy, because he's so polite - always says "thank you"?

Lead.No, if you are polite,

So thank you, but a ball The boy without asking Do not take!

S. Marshak

Al w e well to well.Talk polite words, of course, should always be, but this is not enough for the educated man.

I know a donkey, who knew many polite words.

Listen: There was a donkey

Very polite,

he was brought up.

Everyone was smiling,


and "hello" to speak.


He retreated a step

And he said:

- Seal - mattress,

A hare - a coward,

A lion - a fool,

A elephant - glutton

and fat ...

I. Pivovarova

What do you guys think, can it be called a donkey polite?(Replies children.)

Lead.That's right, kids.

Donkey did poorly.

Never good


He said

about anybody, -

And I ask you, my friend,

Do not be like him!

I. Pivovarova

Alyonushka.Educated people are always trying to please other people.

Lead.And you will please my mother for the holiday, had already decided?

Listen to the poem and say who want to congratulate my mother, grandmother, older sister as these children?

My mother made candies,

And outside the window the rain came.

My mother and I thought at the same time,

How to be with us well.

Katya Shirokova Why good girl with her mother?(Replies children.)

Mom!So I love you,

What I do not know right!I

large ship

gave the name "Mama".

Julia Sandulyak

Why ship boy named "Mother"?(Replies children.)

I bring into the house branch

And put on the table:

tomorrow morning with the Women's Day

Mom, I congratulate.

Yu Korinets

How you congratulate their moms on March 8?(Replies children.)

your family, loved ones are waiting for you guys, attention, care, affection.

Every time you go home, think about what will please them.

And if you do not guess, check with me or with his friends.