Childhood obesity

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

chubby kids cause tenderness and joy from their parents, and sometimes does not even know how much damage causes overweight their beloved offspring's health.And in fact, extra weight cause a range of serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.The causes of excess weight, which further leads to obesity, is the food culture of modern man, with an abundance of harmful preservatives, fast food and convenience foods and a sedentary lifestyle.But if an adult the right to decide for himself what he is and how to live, then the child is totally dependent on their parents.Therefore, it depends on them the quality of a child's life as a child and, of course, in adulthood.

As you know, parents - is the most authoritative people for children, and children are doing their best to be like their parents.Therefore, if you do not want your child to become another casualty of progress and ill obese, healthy lifestyle must become the norm for the whole family.The children will take with you an examp

le, and the problem of obesity is not there in front of them, as well as to their children - your grandchildren.

What is a healthy lifestyle and how to prevent obesity?
1. Healthy Eating.

Of course, the family has to eat food from the pan, and not from the boxes, bags and briquettes, hastily heated in a microwave oven.If you do not have the strength to wait for a full meal, the meal can be no semi-finished products, and vegetables or fruit.Make it a rule to buy these products instead of semi-finished products.

semis Also, there are a number of products that should be excluded from the diet of the whole family, so as not to receive a diagnosis of "obesity".This primarily cakes and pastries containing a huge amount of fat, by the way, often transgenic, and carbohydrates.This does not mean you have to completely give up the sweet, just the consumption of such products should be extremely limited and possibly replaced by a healthy home-made cakes.Another enemy of healthy eating - carbonated beverages.Water with gas not only can cause obesity, but it can cause irreparable damage to the gastrointestinal tract kid.Perfect alternative to carbonated drinks could be the natural juices, fruit drinks, plain water and milk drinks such as yogurt, low-fat yogurt and milk.Products such as crackers, chips in general should be banned parents, but the ban should be imposed correctly - with an explanation, why not and what kind of damage can cause these foods to human health.

But obesity can be caused not only by the fact that our children eat, but also how they eat.It is unacceptable eating near a television or a computer.For this purpose, there is a comfortable dining table.Teach your children to eat only at the table.In addition, it must be respected diet.And the most essential in the daily nutrition of the child should be a morning meal, ie breakfast.

2. Active lifestyle.
Progress replaced the yard football, skiing and sledding, as well as other children's outdoor games computer games in which the child makes it all virtually.This situation not only leads to obesity, but also to the child's consciousness of degradation.Many children at an early age are suffering from mental disorders, which are caused by excessive enthusiasm for video games.In such cases, the responsibility rests solely with the parents, which is convenient, that the child was always busy with something and did not bother with questions always busy adults.But believe me, the question will soon be over, but the problems arise.Find the lesson to the child, in order to limit the time spent by them on the computer or watching TV.Let them help you around the house, roll hoop and jump rope outdoors.As often as possible Organize family trips to the swimming pool, zoo, or just walking around the city.Any outdoor games, biking, skateboarding, roller - the enemies of obesity.Do not deny your child's request to play with him in the ball, or to organize a walk in the park.Thus, you can not only save your child from obesity, but will find in it the face of the most devoted and grateful friend, but it's worth it.

If your child is already overweight, that is the first sign of incipient obesity, this should be treated as a problem, rather than mindlessly enjoy excellent appetite of the child.Experimenting with diets without their consent of the physician, it is not necessary.The body of the child is in the stage of formation and diets can cause irreparable harm to the developing baby.At the first sign of obesity need to see a doctor and follow all its recommendations.

Still, it is worth remembering that the problem is easier to prevent than to fight against it.Do not forget, we are talking about our children - our hopes and our future.