We treat children under one year

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

you do not find a place, and my head is spinning, because your baby is sick.At once there is a lot of questions: what medicine to give, not to harm the child, as the lower the temperature, the proper drip spout.But the big question for any mom - everything I do right?

We treat a runny nose.
What to do if your child sopelki?To make it easier crumbs, before each feeding is necessary to use a small blower.With its help you remove mucus from the baby's nose.In order not to cause injury to the mucous membrane, it is necessary to remove the plastic tip.While you clean the one nostril, gently push the index finger to the nasal septum another.You can put a crumb on his tummy and a handkerchief to wipe the mucus - so you do without pear.

- After the mucus is removed, use galazolin or other vasoconstrictor for kids.If in the house there was no drops for young children, and there is no possibility to buy, should be diluted adults drops in the ratio of 1 at the pharmacy: 3 with water.In one nostril drip one drop

of no more than 3-4 times per day and no more than 3 days ex.Otherwise drops contribute nasal congestion due to increasing mucosa.Important: you can not cure a runny nose kid drops of oil-based - there is the risk of pneumonia, and a runny nose that he did not cure.

- Bury on a drop protargola Collargol or both nostrils after each feeding crumbs.It is dried and disinfecting solutions, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, after prescription by a doctor.

- Breast milk has healing from a cold protective antibodies.Bury milk into each nostril kid 1 drop 3-4 times per day for the first 3 days.

do an enema.
If a child has more than two days, suffering from constipation, you may need an enema.When the crumbs are no 4 months, need little rubber bulb of 50 ml.If the baby is older - use 100 ml th enema.Do not use rough plastic tips!

- Fill a rubber balloon boiled boiled water at room temperature.Warm water will not have the desired effect, becauserapidly absorbed.

- Toddler laid on its side, pinning the legs bent at the knees to the chest.It is desirable that someone helped you hold the crumbs in this position.

- Wait until the first drops of enemas, after brushing the tip of its oil and releasing pushing the air.

- The tip is introduced 2-3 cm then press gently on the bottom, as long as the water does not become an enema..

- Spreading Enema removed without cartridge.That water flowed out, then you need a few minutes to compress the child buttocks.

Put a candle.
In the first years of life is the most convenient way to enter medicine.The preparation of the colon is absorbed faster than from the stomach.And your baby will not have to swallow anything unpleasant and bitter.

- Candle introduced a rounded end.Then - slowly moving through.

- In order to avoid loosening of the spark due to straining or crying, need some time to hold the buttocks crumbs serried.

Give tablet.
course for the little ones, there are syrups.But we must remember that it contains sugar, and if the child is prone to allergic reactions, which may enhance allergies.On top of that, not all the necessary medicines can be purchased in the form of syrup.And if the child needs to take the pills?What to do with them when the baby can not afford and swallow a piece of this medicine?

- Stir mashed between two teaspoons of the drug in the infant formula or breast milk.If the tablet can not be combined with milk - Use cooled boiled water.Child medication is necessary to apply for a spoon.To Koch opened his mouth, it is not necessary to pinch the nose.So he choke.Try to distract the baby toys, and then, unbeknownst to him, squeeze the cheeks forefinger and thumb, and the baby's mouth slightly open.

- What to do if your child need to take 1/10 of the pills?As it separate?To do this, you need to dial 10 ml some water into the syringe and releasing it in a glass, mix it previously potolchennuyu tablet.Then just type 1 ml syringe into the resulting mixture.This will be necessary to you dose.

Cooking compress.
your baby is coughing severely, and the doctor has diagnosed - a bronchitis?Babies for the delicate skin contraindicated mustard, which can put the older kiddies.Apply a compress sour.To do this you need to put on the back of the crumbs linen cloth soaked in a water bath heated to sour cream.At the same cloth should not get into the heart area - Capture only area of ​​armpits.On a napkin put the paper to compress.On paper - cotton cotton (cotton synthetics do not apply).Secure wrap a towel or bed sheet."Smetana treatment" does not last more than 2 hours.

So there is no special magic to be a nurse, a mother to her baby.