How to choose a bed for a child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Baby crib can be purchased separately, or as part of a set of furniture, which is designed for a child's room.
are roughly two types of beds intended for the baby: cots for children of preschool and school age, and beds for newborns.For teens, also already bought adult furniture.
In recent years the idea of ​​children's beds has changed significantly.
The bed is now called the construction, which is often a sleeper located on the upper level.In the lower part while the desktop is organized to be connected to a small locker for your baby.
still very popular 2-tier products.Use them with not only a family with 2 children, but also, where only one child.
Such a bed for a child - not only the bed, but also a place to play.And parents are making plans for a possible replenishment.
functional and convenient option - transforming furniture.So, from the couch, you can quickly make a bunk bed.
furniture while you can choose for your baby and for a teenager.Most sofa beds are bought into the room for a child.In it

s way - this is the same transformer, allowing to increase with the growth of the child's bed.
most convenient mechanism - a couch or sofa for children.With the help of this sofa is the problem with sleeping child place for many years.In a place like this can easily be arranged as a doshkolenok and teenager.Often
cot for the newborn is placed in the parents' bedroom.Thus it is much easier to approach the baby crying at night.But if the baby from birth has a room of that, there should also be a bed for an adult.At cots for very young children have high backrest and secure sidewall of rails and slats.The cot must be made on the basis of environmentally-friendly, clean materials and must be well ventilated.
guarantee of health for your child is the use of "green" materials, such as pine or alder.But most kids love bunk beds, which can not only sleep, but also play.In deciding on the purchase of furniture for the child so it is important to take care of security.It is important that the flooring was soft, as kids love to jump from the 2nd tier of the bed, and the room should not be sharp edges.
extra bed must be fitted with bumpers and ladder.