The increase in birth weight

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

In the first 2-3 days of life newborn weight is reduced to 150-200 grams, which is due to the physiological characteristics of the child and to the lack of separation in the mother's milk in the first days after birth (physiological loss of weight).By the end of the first or second week on the weight of the child reaches the initial and further increases continuously and intensively.

In the first 3 months of life on average, the boys put on weight by 800-850 grams per month, girls - at 750

At the age of 3 to 6 months, the average monthly increase of 720-690 g aged from 6 to9 months - 480-450 g, and in the last quarter of the year - 300 g per month.

initial weight of the child is doubled to 5 or even 4.5 months of life.

By the year increases the weight of the child three times, and an average of 10 kg.After a year of weight rise more slowly.

For the second year of life increases the weight by 2.5-3 kg.After 2 years and up to puberty the average increase in weight of 2 kg per year.

average weight of the child in the preschool and early school age is determined by the formula:

X = 10kg + 2 n ,

where n - number of years.

example.A child aged 10 years weighing 10 kg + 2 x 10 = 30 kg.

By the age of 6-year-old child's weight is doubled (on average, it is 20 kg), again (40 kg) doubled to 13-14 years.

With the onset of puberty (14-15 years for boys and girls 12-13 years), the annual increase in weight significantly increases and reaches 4-6 kg or more per year.

for weighing small children used the so-called baby scales.They are convenient in that the scales reminiscent of the trough, where the weighed baby can lie without support.Child undress and put on a clean, pre-weighed diaper, which is subtracted from the weight of the resulting child's weight figures with diaper.The children's clinic or scales placed in a doctor's office, or in a booth but raising a healthy child.Children first six months of life is recommended to weigh twice a month, and in the first weeks of life (before the establishment of breastfeeding) - weekly.In the second half of the year and further to 3 years - once a month.For weighing older children enjoy conventional medical scales.Such balances must be in every child care (clinic, kindergarten, school, health centers, hospitals, and others.).In kindergarten, children are weighed monthly in the hospital, sanatorium - weekly.Weight of healthy school-age children is controlled by at least 2 times a year - during the in-depth examination in the school and in the summer camp (or in the clinic).