The dynamics of growth of newborn

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

During the first year of life the child's growth is increased by 24-25 cm, and the year of its body length is 74-75 cm

In the first 3 months of growth increased an average of 3 cm per month, from 3 to 6 months -. On2.5-2 cm, from 6 to 9 months - 1.5 cm, and in the last quarter of the first year - only 1 cm per month.

At the 2nd year, the growth rate is still below the child's growth for the 2nd year - about 10 cm, for the 3rd year - 8-9 cm

After 3 years and up to puberty the average increase in the child's growth.year is 5-6 cm

Roughly determine the average body length of the child's pre-school and primary school age can be according to the formula:

x = 75 cm + 5.5 x n ,

where n - number of years..

example.At the age of 10, the average growth of the baby is 75 cm + 55 = 130 cm.

initial newborn growth doubled to 4-4.5 years and triples at the age of puberty (13-15 lay down).

At the beginning of puberty is growing even faster growth by the end of this period (18 years for girls, to 25 y

ears in boys) growth stops.

Child Growth is measured using a stadiometer.Prior to use, the horizontal stadiometer;the child is placed on it so that the head fits snugly against the head end height meter, where she held her mother or any of the staff.Nurse straightens the legs of the child, gently pressing him to his knees, under the sole of the foot is supplied moving plate, the level of state which determines the child's growth.With 1-1.5 years, when the child firmly on the feet, you can use the vertical stadiometer.The child must touch the measuring board with five points of his body: neck, back, buttocks, calves and heels.child's view should be directed forward.The movable bracket stadiometer falls on the baby's head and points to its growth.In some cases, children need to determine the sitting height.For this purpose, the child put on a specially attached to Stadiometer flip-board seat and determine the distance from this board until the child's head level.To determine the growth of sitting on the horizontal Stadiometer, tablet engine is supplied under the buttocks with legs raised up.