Treatment of children folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

happened if such a disaster, and your child is sick - do not panic and immediately run to the pharmacy for harmful and expensive drugs.For centuries, people treated the people's means, and to the treatment children treated with another, far more trepidation.The more we delve into the medical knowledge of our ancestors - the more removed.Perhaps that is why the treatment of children folk remedies remain popular in the XXI century.

First, you need to remember a few mandatory rules for the treatment of child folk remedies:
1. Self-treatment of children folk remedies in any case does not negate the doctor.
2. Do not start treatment with all sorts of baby herbs without consulting a pediatrician.
3. In no case do not start to treat traditional medicine severe disease (eg encephalitis, meningitis, pneumonia).
4. And most importantly, do not need to be collected and used for the treatment of grass growing in the center of the city, on roadsides, near the factories.
If you decide to treat your child in any fo

lk recipe, it is, first and foremost, should be carefully monitored and taken from reliable sources.
No need to force to force the child to take the medicine, it should be presented to him with love and affection.

Treatment children from cough folk remedies.
If your child suddenly cough, and you just did not attach any importance to this, that is, the likelihood of complications.Treatment of dry cough in toddlers, school-age children should be done in a timely manner.There are a couple of traditional medicine recipes that are quick and without any consequences relieve your child's cough.

recipe.Potatoes in the "uniform".
One option for relieving cough symptoms in people considered potatoes cooked "in uniform".Ready potatoes need to crush and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil.This poultice should be put on chest and throat, and keep the child as long as it has cooled down.As long as your kid is holding a compress, give him a warm carrot juice in half with milk.Drink it should be slowly, in small sips.This treatment should be carried out regularly during 2-3 days and your child will go very quickly on the mend.

Treatment rhinitis folk remedies.
One popular and very effective way to treat a national of rhinitis in children is the onion.
recipe.Onion poultice.
Take an onion, and finely grate, then wrap in a damp cloth, apply to your baby's nose and the top put some warm cloth.In this position, the child must lie 15 minutes per day.Repeat this procedure should be 3-4 times a day.If you will regularly perform this process, your baby will be healthy after three days.Menthol oil

At a cold and your child will greatly help menthol oil.It needs to be instilled several times a day to 4 drops, thus lubricate the nose, forehead and temples.

Treatment angina folk remedies.
When the first symptoms of angina should treat your child immediately popular methods.
recipe.Onion infusion.When angina
chopped onion to pour 0.5 liters of hot water and put 12 hours, giving, thus, it infuse, then strain.Let your child to 4 cups of infusion 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before eating.
Finely chop 5 cloves (or 1 tbsp. Spoonful of dried leaves of garlic) and pour 500 ml.boiling water.Let configure themselves a night, and then let your child gargle with this infusion.Very useful diluted horseradish juice gargle.The ratio should be 1:50.You can also give it to the child being ill with angina one teaspoonful 3-4 times a day.The choice can be done gargling with chamomile extract, salt or baking soda.

Treatment sinusitis in children folk remedies.
If you have sinusitis in children, treatment should be carried out gradually, asthis disease can not be cured in the short term.If your child was slain, nose and at the same time he was haunted by frequent pain, it is best to start treatment with horseradish.

recipe.Infusion of horseradish and lemon.
For the treatment of sinusitis in children take horseradish, rub the glass floor and mix with lemon juice (to get the juice you need to take 2-3 lemons).Take your child has this mixture on an empty stomach half an hour before meals, 2 times a day - morning and afternoon.In the treatment may begin to pinch in the eyes, and even tears, nasal mucus will be allocated.Do not be afraid of it, and in any case do not stop treatment.Gradually allocation will decrease.To conduct such courses should be at least the appearance of the first symptoms of sinusitis.
Treatment of colds folk remedies children.
At the first sign of the child of acute respiratory viral infection, you need to immediately begin treatment.For the cheek to put the child is not a big slice of lemon with the peel, try to keep it as it is possible longer, thus dissolve it, to citric acid, enveloping his throat, then into the body.After such a treatment is not recommended intake of food and water, for greater efficiency.After three, four o'clock need to repeat this procedure.For the further treatment of the child folk remedies, you need to determine what kind of cough.Cough is divided into two types: wet and dry.Normally, in young children cough begins dry, but after three or four days there is phlegm.Dry and wet cough should be treated different national ways.When moist cough children breathing becomes easier.Wet cough children suffer easier to start to cough translate to the stage of the wet, it needs to give the baby more frequently with warm water, acidified with lemon.
remarkable treatment for cough in folk medicine is - horseradish.
Recipe: Juice of horseradish.
On a fine grater, rub the horseradish, add the sugar in equal proportions, mix well the mixture and put in the heat for 12 hours.Periodically, the mixture is well shaken to hell because of sugar could give more juice.After a time, a ready means emptied into the container through cheesecloth, strain and squeeze the rest in gauze.Ready, the juice give the child every hour one tablespoon, during the first days.Squeeze, which has remained in gauze, it is useful to compress well in the baby's chest.
Licorice root is also very suitable for the treatment of cough, as a folk remedy.To do this: after meals, every four hours to make the broth in the form of heat.
If your child has a fever, then, for this purpose, antipyretic mix.
Recipe: antipyretic mix.
Coughing in folk medicine make good use of the wonderful vegetables - onions.On a fine grater grate the onions, rub an apple, and add honey.Proportions should be equal.Mix well, and let the baby on a single item.spoon three times a day before meals.
I want to tell you about the benefits of garlic when you cough.But the concentrated juice should not be given to the kid, so give a recipe using garlic.
Recipe: Garlic and milk.Clean
five, six cloves of garlic, a good ceiling it and add to it one cup of milk.Stir the mixture, put it on the fire and let it boil, then leave the mixture to cool.Let the sick baby broth one teaspoon to facilitate his breathing and the disease.Therapeutic baths

When the manifestation of the first signs of a cold, and it is recommended to begin treatment with the rubbing, therapeutic baths and compresses.Keep in mind that these procedures are done at a temperature below the thirty-eight degrees the body.Therapeutic baths are used for children of any age.Proper conduct of the procedures can not hurt and damage the child's health.
most effective hot tub is a bath with mustard.It is advisable to carry out this procedure prior to the child's sleep.
method for preparing such a bath: In the bath, pour the water, where the temperature should be 36 degrees.Add to dilute the mustard plant, and to the baby.Be sure to watch out for the water temperature and the child's skin condition.This procedure takes less than seven minutes.After that, the child should be wiped, to wrap up well and put to bed.When excessive sweating, gently change the baby clothes.In some cases, if you find time flushing procedure on the child's skin, should stop taking baths.