Coconut mattresses for children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Caring parents, knowing how many tests will have to children's spine, above all, provide him proper rest during sleep.No matter how much your child sit on the books or on the computer, as much as they do physical exercises, the correct position during sleep can help to normalize the condition of the spine and to remove any fatigue.

It is worth remembering that the baby's spine - especially in children up to three years - needs a solid surface to sleep.And, of course, do not put your child on a soft feather bed - it will negatively affect the state back in the future, and good posture will have to forget.

In order to avoid such problems and follow-up visits to doctors and masseurs buy your child coconut mattress - this acquisition is very useful as a baby and a teenager.

smells and moisture these mattresses do not absorb, and because they are "breathing", provide excellent ventilation.All of these factors, of course, of fundamental importance for the health and well-being of the child.The lack of moist

ure and good ventilation, even if fairly thick layer of coir ensure the absence of harmful microorganisms, and in fact for the child health - one of the mandatory conditions.

But the main difference between coconut mattresses - it is, of course, necessary in terms of the rigidity of orthopedics.It's worth noting that there is a fairly hard mattresses that are best suited for the youngest children, and there are also softer mattresses, manufactured with the use of coconut coir (coconut fiber) - they are due to the use of additional materials are the best choice for older children.There are mattresses that can be used on both sides.In these articles, one side is very tight, and the second is softer, so you can simply flip the mattress such as the child grows.

purchasing coir mattress for children, you can be assured that they will last for a long time, since she and coir, and the fabric of the mattress meet the very high demands of both the stiffness and strength to.