Watching a child of preschool age

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

leading role in preventive work with children of the second year of life are issues of health training and physical education.The local pediatrician should inform the mother about her child required for hardening techniques, exercise complexes mode of the day, walking, changes in the diet.The duties of a nurse, who should visit the child at this age at home at least once a month, is to monitor the implementation of doctor's appointments.The district pediatrician child watches the second year on a quarterly basis, conducting anthropometric measurements and evaluating the development of the child.

Once a year, the child prophylactic examines dentist.Do as blood, urine, feces on eggs of worms.By the end of years of life provides a detailed opinion on the child's condition over time.This conclusion should be brought to the attention of parents, with the emphasis on hygiene shortcomings in the upbringing of the child, the performance of certain appointments and make recommendations but further education and

rehabilitation.In the third year of life, a pediatrician examines a child as a prophylactic measure once a semester.Precinct nurse examining the child's third year of life, every quarter.

twice a year carried out anthropometric measurements.In three years, we conducted a thorough medical examination with the participation of the otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, surgery and orthopedics, as well as a speech therapist.The third year of life is completed period called early age.

By the end of the third year of life, the physician takes stock of its work, assess the state of health of the child over time, the plan is to follow-up the baby.In the future, children of preschool age are observed district pediatrician once a year.

children before entering school visiting the same experts that in three years, as well as a neurologist, conducted clinical tests of blood, urine, feces, and if necessary - other laboratory studies.Pediatrician analyzes the data, gives an opinion on the child's state of health and is an individual plan recreational activities before entering school.This necessarily take into account, and recommendations for improvement of the child, these specialist doctors.In a conversation with my parents the local doctor gives advice on the regime of the day, nutrition, hardening, physical and health education, the necessary recommendations, introduces a conclusion about the child's health condition.

children attending preschool and school children visiting the doctors in decreed periods preschool-school separation clinics and medical specialists.The local pediatrician should know the results of these examinations and prescribing physician health and wellness activities that depend on the continuity of the work of the medical staff.