How to maintain the health of your child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Here are two facts of life of the parent: children get sick, and parents are worried.How often and seriously ill child, it depends primarily on the child's susceptibility to disease, and not on your parenting skills.But there are important things you can do to reduce your child's risk for ill and speed recovery, if the child is still sick.Here's how to start their medical partnership with the pediatrician.

If you learn to understand your baby healthy, it will allow you to more subtle intuitively understand that the child is sick, and help him.Affection as the approach to the child really lets you shine in the detection of diseases and treatment of the child.A sensitive approach to pay his child and all the hours that you spend, holding the baby in her arms and chest - all this strengthens your ability to understand your child.You begin to feel your baby when he's healthy, because you instinctively wary at the first sign of malaise: "He began to behave strangely," or "He crying differently.I know that it

hurts somewhere. "It is not important to know exactly what not like to know what something wrong.

My doctor and the doctor Dead

One of the most intuitive of parents in my practice - it's completely blind mother, Nancy.Because she can not see her child, she does everything solely by sound and touch.Her child often appears different skin rash that causes her to go and see regularly in my office.At the very beginning of our diagnostic epic Nancy brought me the baby Eric about the rash that I could not see.But the mother

said: "I feel it."As usual, and so left the next morning, I could see a rash.Others have a strong intuition mother shared with me that can detect when her child have a sore throat, "by the fact that it sucks anyway."And another loving mother once told me how she determines that her child begins otitis media: the child refuses to put her head on the side and take the chest on this side.Such a profound sensitivity towards their children these honors mothers honorary degree of Doctor Mom (or Dr. Mom).

Tied and loving mothers and their children help radiating trust and the doctor.For many years, I was examining healthy and sick children, I always noticed that children of parents exhibit responsive trusting attitude towards others, especially when ill.They are so accustomed to the fact that their needs are met, that when ill, they believe that the doctor will return them to good health.During the inspection, they express less dissatisfaction, and so the doctor, and the child is less tired.It seems that these children are on some kind of inner conviction, which tells them that the doctor who puts them in his mouth stick, poking him in the stomach and shine a flashlight into the ear, on their side.And an obedient child who helps the doctor,

allows the correct diagnosis.For example, if a child is filled with screaming, it may be red eardrum and ear examination then leads astray.

close attachment between parent and child facilitates the parents of a sick child.Many diseases of infancy fall under the category of "I do not know what is wrong with your child, so let's wait a day or two to see what will change."Take, for example, a child with fever of unknown etiology.In this case, I tell parents that, in my opinion, it's just a harmless virus and that three or four days of their child goes on the mend, but adds: "Call me if symptoms change."In this last instruction I invested a lot of sense.I actually pass the sick child doctor Mom and Dr. Dae Do (Dr. Mom and Dad doctor) and trust them is responsible mission as to tell me, if the child's condition worsens.But what recommendations have these family doctor?They are sensitive to their child, they can understand the signs of their child, and they are so intuitively feel their child, they can say it hurts where it hurts their child.This sick child is in safe hands.