You know more than you think.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Selection Of Baby Names

soon you decide to have a baby.Maybe you already waiting for him.You are happy and excited, but if you do not have enough experience, you are trying to find out anything that will help you cope with this case.Recently you listen carefully to the conversations of friends and relatives about the education of children.Read the article in the specialist magazines and newspapers.And when the baby is born, you will give doctors and nurses instructions.Sometimes the thing you will find too confusing.You lash out so much about vitamins and vaccinations that are necessary to the child.One mother tells you that your child needs the eggs because they contain iron, and the other - that the eggs do not need to give in order to avoid allergies.You will hear that the child easily spoil if often take him up - and that the child's need to constantly caress and take his arms.Fairy tales may scare children - and fairy tales are very useful for them.

Do not take seriously all that the neighbors say.Do not fall into awe,

getting expert advice.Do not be afraid to listen to your own common sense.Grow a child is not so difficult, if only to take it easy more trust their instincts and follow your doctor's instructions.We know that parents love and care for your child in a hundred times more important than to learn how to swaddle a baby or make formula.Every time you take your child on your hands, even if initially awkward doing this, each time you perepelenyvaete him, bathe, feed him, smiling at him, he feels that he belongs to you and you belong to him.No one else in the world, no matter how skilled he may be, can not give him this feeling.

Is it not surprising that the more experts are studying various methods of raising children, more often come to the conclusion that it is precisely the fact that mothers and fathers instinctively want to do for your child more likely to be the most correct!Moreover, parents are much easier to cope with their responsibilities, if they believe in themselves.It is better to behave naturally and made a few mistakes than just comply with all provisions of the fear of making a mistake.

Association come sisters, the Red Cross and the city health department in many communities organize classes for expectant mothers and fathers.These classes are very useful in the discussion of issues and problems that arise in all future parents about pregnancy, childbirth and care for the child.