Mixtures for mixed and artificial feeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Currently, there are a large number of customized and close to the composition of human milk, special milk formula, which should be encouraged when mixed and artificial feeding children during the first months of life.

somewhat less adaptable are the so-called casein formula.They are manufactured without the addition of demineralized whey, based on dry cow milk, which is the major protein - casein.Therefore, these mixtures are considered to be less adapted and protein composition more different from that of human milk.But in carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, mineral components of the mixture as well as adapted, as close as possible to human milk.Partially adapted

mixture close to that of human milk composition: they lack demineralized whey, relatively balanced fatty acid composition, including carbohydrates present not only lactose, and sucrose, and starch.

for feeding children over 5-6 months of use "follow the formula," ie,infant formula, specifically designed to supply at a later stage of age.Their nam

es are often used figure 2, such as "hippie-2", "Enfamil-2."These blends are less close to human milk and are a form adapted partially substitute for human milk.

All modern mix - instant products.For their preparation must mix only a fixed number of dry powder with the previously boiled warm water (50-60 ° C) and mixed thoroughly.Only in the absence of adapted formulas can resort to simple mixtures of milk (not adapted).Non-adapted mixture:

• dry;

• liquid.

Simple mixture prepared breeding cow milk boiled water with the addition of 5% sugar syrup.The mixture № 4 - whole cow's milk with a specified amount of sugar.In cow's milk, in contrast to adapted formulas, contained significantly more protein, preferably kazeinogen.Total mineral salts in cow's milk is higher than in the customized blends.