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Supplementing allowed only after prior applying baby to the breast, even in the case of very small quantities of milk in the mother.

If the amount of supplementary feeding is small, it makes sense to give it with a spoon, when a large amount of supplementary feeding - from cups as an easier flow of formula milk through the nipple contributes to failure of breastfeeding.With a large amount of supplementary feeding it is still possible to use a bottle, but with a sufficiently elastic pacifier and small holes in the end, the mixture flowed drops.Supplementing as separate feeds can be recommended only in exceptional cases - in the absence of the mother in the child's feeding clock.Large intervals between breastfeeding dramatically inhibit lactation.As a lactation aid used adapted milk mixture.Fruit juices and purees for correction of vitamin and mineral salts, it is advisable to appoint a 3-3.5 months, respectively.

child Transfer from mixed to artificial feeding is usually no difficulty.Translation of a c

hild with breastfeeding to artificial requires extreme caution, since the adaptation of the digestive system, metabolic processes and mechanisms regulating homeostasis, occurs at the same time more intense.In such situations, local pediatrician should periodically calculate the chemical composition of food, actually received the baby, to make a correction.This is necessary to meet the child's power of his physiological needs in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories.Babies, enough to gain weight, often ill, as well as at risk, you need to perform calculations on the body mass is meant to.

require special attention premature babies, children from multiple pregnancy, born with a major birth weight, which are bottle-fed, suffering from malnutrition.The diet of these children should be determined strictly on an individual basis.For premature twins and children it is advisable to organize weighting at home, especially in the first two months of life.At the same time, the precinct nurses to teach the mother to determine the amount of the child suck milk.

considered expedient journaling power under control nurse.Based on these data, the local doctor can calculate the amount of food, its ingredients, correct nutrition.

The power correction also require children who were born with a large weight (over 4 kg), even if they are well put on weight.But getting enough in terms of the amount of breast milk, they are often deficient in certain food ingredients, especially protein.These children need to expect food, especially during the first three months of life.

Wasting in children in the first months of life is often a result of incorrectly balanced or malnutrition, as well as current long-term disease.All children from malnutrition even 1 degree necessary to individually assign and adjust the power that is held on the basis of the food ingredients calculation based on actual food eaten.Such an evaluation power, calculation of ingredients should be done at least twice a month to produce a stable (for two months) weight gain corresponding to the child's age.