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Organization of preventive vaccination is responsible section of activity district pediatrician.Dates active immunization of the child population determined by the order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.Vaccinations should be carried out in the offices of children's immunization clinics.It is strictly prohibited vaccination at home.

Since currently there is a tendency to increase the number of allergic diseases, and themselves vaccinations cause sensitization of the child's body, with the preventive vaccination should take into account the disease prior to immunization, tolerability of vaccination history of allergic reactions to foods, drugs, etc.. The district pediatricianshould have lists of these children indicating the nature and severity of allergic reactions.In the "Map of preventive vaccination" (form number 063 / y) put a mark on the availability and type of allergy.All children to be active immunization, the day of vaccination with doctor examines obligatory thermometry.To ensure t

he appropriate training of vaccinations to children with allergic mood carried allergen and immunostimulatory therapy, which is also recorded in the same user form.

question of vaccinations to children debilitated, suffering from chronic pathologies, often ill, having allergic reactions, decides to commission of the attending physician, immunologist and director of pediatric department.Vaccinations usually must be performed in the clinic after a preliminary examination of the child's physician.Once to inoculate the child stays in the clinic for 1 hour to eliminate the reaction to the vaccine, if necessary - to assist.For the purpose of health surveillance, ascertain the nature of the reaction to the vaccine, and early detection of possible post-vaccination complications precinct nurse visits the child at home for the next few days after vaccination.The results of these visits is necessary to inform the local pediatrician, and information about the response to the vaccine to fix in the "History of development of the child."

Quality vaccination work in the clinic to a large extent depends on the full and timely registration of children living in its area of ​​activity and to be immunized.To this end, the nurse avoids homestead house lists of children in the area, in ZhEKe checks, verifying they are also on the history of maps and preventive vaccinations in October and November of each year.Accounting form № 063 / y filled in for each newborn, and for each incoming first time under the supervision of a child health center.Contingent children subject to vaccination, regular refined with SES, which receives information about arrivals in district (city) children.In turn, informs the registry clinic SES on all departures.

In the section of preventive work the district nurse responsible for monitoring the timeliness of preventive vaccinations for children and their proper conduct.For each child is made a special card of preventive vaccination - form number 63. All the cards are contained in special boxes, file cabinets but sites.Inside the polling station allocated to them filing certain types of vaccinations (diphtheria, tuberculosis, etc.).Emphasizes children's card to be grafted in the current year.Maps of children with temporary removal against vaccinations, lie in the same file cabinet, but they lay separately.For these children set monitoring, and to eliminate contraindications, they should be vaccinated.Thus, each nurse has a filing cabinet, divided into these headings.She looks at the weekly card of children subject of a vaccination this year.In case of absence of the child at the appointed term for grafting health nurses causes the child to the clinic.

Among compulsory vaccinations carried out in a planned way healthy children are currently immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, tuberculosis, polio.Vaccination can be done only after the child's doctor prior inspection (in some cases - a paramedic).Conducting vaccination is not permitted to sick children, as well as within a month (sometimes more) after recovery.Babies who have had infectious hepatitis, vaccination is contraindicated for three months after recovery.

On examination, the child's doctor and discovers and epidemiological situation in the family: if someone has a family member of an infectious disease, such as respiratory infection, the vaccination should be postponed.Children suffering from rheumatism in the active phase, asthma and some other chronic diseases, the majority of vaccines should be avoided.