How can I enhance milk production ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

In most cases, problems with milk production are the result of one or more of the following factors: wrong position during feeding and breast grab the wrong child, lack of harmony in the mother and child by third parties, the mother of fatigue in a crowded house or feeding schedule.Go through the following points.

Weigh the baby more often. Agree with your doctor to come with the child to be weighed twice a week.

Seek help. Contact your breastfeeding him to check whether the position you occupy during feeding, and whether the child takes the breast correctly and evaluate how your baby sucks.

Seek support.Please organization that helps parents and nursing mothers, for example, with the local branch of «La Leche League».

Terminate all contact with harmful advisers. «Are you sure that the baby is getting enough milk?", "I, too, could not breastfeed ..." You do not need discouraging statements while you are trying to

Create your milk bank

Breastfeedingare you like clockwork.The amount of your

milk meets the child's needs, and the idea to give your child milk from a can, you unfamiliar.But the best-laid plans of nursing mothers are sometimes violated.Circumstances beyond you, such as a sudden hospitalization, could result in a sharp, unexpected interruption of breastfeeding.Prepare for this overcast day."Open an account" in his freezer.Stocks of this white gold as it was enough to at least a few days.This is a good dietary investment in the future of your child (for details on expressing and storing breast milk, see. In "Expressing milk").

gain confidence in themselves as a young mother.Surround yourself with people who are ready to provide support.Breastfeeding - a game that requires confidence.

Check your nest. not

your home too crowded?Temporarily set aside everything and responsibilities that pull out your energy, leaving no forces on breastfeeding your baby.

Take the child in his bed.

Feed, sitting comfortably with the child as close as possible to each other.Feeding during the day and night of sleep is a potent stimulator of milk production, because the hormones responsible for the production of milk is best produced when you sleep.

undress her baby at feeding time. If the child has very low weight (less than 3.6 kg), to keep it warm by wrapping a blanket on top, but still providing the contact belly to belly.Skin to skin contact helps to wake the sleepy children and encourages poor consumers.

Increase frequency of feedings.

Feed at least every two hours during the day and wake the child if he sleeps more than three hours.If you have a very sleepy baby, put him to sleep on his chest.

This skin contact stimulates the flow of milk.

Think of a child, think of milk. When you feed, more caress and pat your child, providing as much skin contact as possible.This maternal behavior stimulates the release of hormones responsible for the production of milk.

Sleep when your baby sleeps.

This means that you will have to postpone or to pass on to someone else's mountain of household chores that seem urgent.If you are lucky enough to have a child, you want to feed often, you may be thinking: "I do not have time to do."But in reality, something that you do have time.You make the world's most important work - grow a new man.

Try feeding from shifting. traditional method of feeding is that you give your child suck on for as long as he wants one breast (typically about ten minutes), and then shift the meal to complete it to the other breast, from the next time on the opposite breast.Feeding with a shifting, also called regurgitation technique and rearrangements, is as follows: let your child suck on the first breast as long as the intensity of his sucking and swallowing movements will not decrease and his eyes begin to close (usually within three to five minutes).Do not look at the clock and looking at her child, waiting for these signs of losing interest in further sucking of the breast.As soon as these signs appear, take away the child from the breast, a good tap on the back, so that he srygnul, and reload to the other breast;Wait until the baby will suck again more sluggish;stop, let the baby belch for the second time and repeat the process, putting the child back to the first breast and then back to the second.This technique promotes the release of more fat, high-calorie milk back, because every time you shift the child, stimulates lactation reflex.This technique is especially effective if you have a very sleepy baby who sleeps at the breast and does not show much interest in feeding.Frequent shifting from place to place does not allow him to sleep, and regurgitation provides in a tiny stomach more room for milk.

Try feeding twice. This technique is based on the same principle as that of feeding with a shifting, and aims to increase the volume of your milk and to increase its fat content.Once you have fed the child and he seems happy, wear it for a while at home in a bag instead of immediately began to rock.Thoroughly pat him on the back, so that he srygnul, and after about twenty minutes to feed the second time.Keep your child from ten to twenty minutes in a vertical position to ingested air bubble could go up to make room for filling milk.

Wear baby. between feedings in children's wear baby bag as often as you can.Breast proximity to the child not only stimulates milk production by your body, but also to remind the child about food.When the child begins to look for your breast, feed him

right in the bag.Some babies breastfeed better on the move.(See. Recommendations how to breastfeed directly in the bag.)

Massage your breasts before and after feeding.This helps release last milk.

Try to relax during feeding. your physical and emotional stress may inhibit lactation reflex.Try one of the relaxation techniques that have been taught in the courses of breastfeeding, use pillows, let someone rubs your back, imagine running streams, listen to relaxing music, call at a sense of confidence in itself.(See. Additional recommendations how to relax while breastfeeding.)

Try herbal teas. Natural remedies for increasing milk production is based largely on folklore rather than on actual evidence of effectiveness.From his practice and from own breastfeeding experience, we have learned that the milk production improves fenugreek or fenugreek.Here's our recipe: Pour one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds cup of boiling water and leave for about five minutes or until the water will turn slightly and acquires aroma (tea has

sweet taste reminiscent of maple).March found that several cups of this tea is very helpful at times when not enough milk.Some mothers report that gives the best results «Mothers Milk» Tea, one of the ingredients which also includes fenugreek, and other teas are referred to in the literature as fitoterapevticheskoy stimulate milk flow.Whether these teas help physically or psychologically - it does not matter.So try - relax and enjoy.