Down's syndrome .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

There is a special kind of organic mental underdevelopment, called Down syndrome.It includes not only intellectual but also physical abnormalities.Physical growth is slowed down, and the child reaches adult parameters.In most cases, the intellect develops very slowly, but in some pretty advanced.These children usually have a docile, gentle nature.

chances of having a baby with Down syndrome increases by the end of childbearing years.If a young woman's first child suffers from Down's syndrome, it can be sure that at that age is very small chance of the birth of the second child of the same.

Down's disease is usually diagnosed at birth, but in some cases it is safe to make a diagnosis only after a few months of observations.

As in other cases, mental retardation, the decision about the child's future depends on how it develops, what are the possibilities for its training and games with other children, as a mother can fulfill its other responsibilities in addition to taking care of it.Some of these chil

dren are brought up at home without much effort on the part of parents and in a supportive environment.In other cases, when the child grows up, it becomes clear that for him and for the rest of the family would be better if you keep it in a special institution.Due to this capability, you need to apply in advance, because you have to wait in line for several years in such places.Later, you can always give up the place.Permanent expert advice to help make the right decision.

Some doctors advise wealthy parents from birth to educate that child in a private house, which takes on such care not to become attached to the child, which can not expect much, and pay enough attention to the other children.For some families it is suitable, but not for all.I believe that parents should not rush to a solution, and if they are in doubt, they should consult a psychiatrist.However, the private child care for many years can afford only a few families.And very few public schools can take these children for various reasons.