How to extract everything possible from your doctor visit

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

To get the most out of the time that you hold a doctor appointment should come both parents.Many pediatricians are working overtime to adjust to busy parents.

Before heading to the doctor, make a list of questions and concerns that you would like to discuss.It is best to learn by heart the list because you are still likely to forget it at home.If you have a particularly difficult problem is of great concern, such as behavioral problems, when you make an appointment, ask for additional time.Respect the fact that the doctor devotes to each scheduled scan a fixed time to time to take the next parent to the child.

Every mother has a strong intuition, has a built-alarm system, and when the red light, the mother thinks so: "I know that to my child that something is wrong, and I will not leave the doctor until the cause is not bu Tips for telephone calls

• Respect the time that your doctor spends with his family - do not call after hours, with the exception only of those frightening situations, when you ar

e afraid that your child will get worse by the time the doctor againcomes to their workplace.

• Keep handy the telephone number of the nearest pharmacy.

• Before you pick up the phone, be prepared to ensure that accurately describe their child's illness: when and how it started;Does the child's condition is improving, getting worse or remains unchanged;what treatment you tried to spend and what are the results;as far as you are concerned;and, most importantly

, how your child looks sick. Your doctor finds himself in a situation where he is forced to make a diagnosis by one your description.

• If you feel that your doctor underestimates the extent of your concern, once again point to the way you experience.Best of all, in my opinion, to say it bluntly: "My child looks very unwell, I am very worried, and I would like you to look at his."

• ask again if you do not understand the data on the phone by the physician, and all the record.

• Do not hesitate to call again if your child became very ill.

found children. "When lubricated signs and symptoms (eg cramps, unexplained fever, fatigue, poor weight gain), your doctor may not be able to point out the exact cause, especially in your first visit.Be sure to let the doctor who is trying to decide how hard you want to explore your child to know about the extent of their anxiety.You are a valuable member of the health care team.The extent of your worries - this is often all that is needed to help the doctor decide to examine your child's next.

To facilitate inspection for each

attempts to explore the child's cry poured heavy for the child, for the parents and the doctor, and in addition, a full inspection at the same time is almost impossible.Here's what you can do.Do not forget that you are the child of his mirror reflecting the state of the world.If you worry, the child will almost certainly be passed your excitement.Avoid causing fear assurances: "The doctor does not hurt you" or "prick - it almost does not hurt."From all you said a child can perceive only the word "hurt", and the very idea will connect in his mind the pain to your doctor - and this association will lead to a desperate struggle, you do not have time to blink.Create a good first impression.Cheerfully greet your doctor.Keep the conversation, "We are pleased that they came here", before the start inspection.In the children's logic, if the doctor is not afraid of you, it is not terrible, and your child.If a doctor your child clung to you like a little koala, rather put on your face is the happy expression.Rather than further strengthen child grip firmly pressed him to her (thus you tell your child that he really has something to fear, but my mother to save him), relax your hands to your child relaxed.Finally, ask (in the rare event that this is not the usual practice of your doctor) to keep the baby in her lap, at least during the initial inspection.I have found that it allows for a more thorough inspection and less exhausting all present.