I'm a nervous person .What shall I do to better relax while breastfeeding ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

hormone prolactin has a calming effect, but emotional stress or physical stress (fatigue, pain, malaise) can inhibit the action of the release of the hormone responsible for milk, oxytocin reflex inhibiting lactation.Then, if the milk is not flowing, the child throws the chest.Babies quickly transferred maternal stress, so relaxation is a valuable skill that should cultivate.Try the following tips.

Think about the baby. Before feeding, set the tone of the coming time, focusing on the activities in which you are prefer - throw out of your head and think of other concerns about the child.Introduce yourself for breastfeeding;imagine the movement and expression of the child's face that you like best.Make your child a massage.Iron the pat and her child, as much as possible touching his skin.All these pictures and activities cause influx of relaxing hormones that help you to be discharged before starting to feed.

Minimize distractions. Before serving, snack healthy food and drink a little water or juice.A

hot shower, a warm bath or a little sleep before feeding are a good relaxation therapy.Try relaxation techniques and breathing exercises that you have mastered in the course of preparation for childbirth.Listen to soothing music before feeding and during it.Imagine a fountain spouting out of your chest.Have someone stand behind your chair and

to massage your neck, shoulders and upper back.As long as you seek your child took the breast correctly (all your pillow should be in place), take a deep breath and slowly exhale the stomach in the same way as when you are preparing to leave to all the tension gone from your neck, back and arms.

food in a warm bath.If you

extremely tense, water therapy will help.Sit in a warm bath so that the water is a little bit not reached your chest.Include the child (also half-immersed in the water) to his chest, leaning back comfortably.Caution: Do not attempt to enter into a bath filled, holding the baby in her arms.You can slip.Place your baby on the towel next to the bathroom, sit out and only take a child yourself or ask someone to file your baby when you're already toss the tub wall.

Equip special feeding station. This idea helped Martha to relax while feeding our children in the midst of the bustle of the large family.This station is the area allotted in your home specifically for the nest for mother and child, where is your favorite chair (preferably a chair or rocking chair with armrests comfortable height that can support your arms while feeding), there

multitudepillows, footstool, soothing music, a relaxing book, lint, such as dried fruit or nuts, and juice or water.If you do not want to turn off the phone, this salvation is a cordless telephone (cordless) or an extension cord.You'll be spending the nest a long time, so make it comfortable and functional.To anticipate their needs on an hour forward, that you may spend here - to example,

station for breastfeeding -

special place, where there is everything,

that you need for convenienceand success -

can help relax during

feedings and getting more from them


please be extra diapers and clothing for the baby lay up a napkin to srygiva-tion, wastebasket.If you have as a child one year of age and / or preschooler, prepare goodies for him, as well as some interesting activities that you need to keep in reserve only for the time when you are feeding.You may need one station equipped where you can keep it within safe territory.It's hard to relax when you have to wonder what else he's done.Some year-olds seem to tolerate feeding a newborn if the mother is arranged on the floor.This gives the older child feel that you are available.

Breastfeeding itself is samorasslablyayuschim cycle.The more you breastfeed, the more relaxing hormone is produced, and they help you to feed better.