Children with severe mental retardation .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

child who, for example, a half or two.the year is not yet able to sit up, which shows little interest in people or things, is a more serious problem.Behind him long to look like the baby.He almost did not notice the ambient and therefore is able to receive less attention from the family, and the family can give him less.Of course, there is no universal prescription.It all depends on the degree of backwardness, on the child's temperament, how it acts on other children in the family, we find a child can, with which you can play, and the activities that it manageable, whether there is a local school a special class where heI would be able to do, if there is a suitable nearby boarding school.But most of all depends on the mother's ability to care about him, how he was tired of her physically and emotionally.Some of these questions can be answered only when the baby will be a few years older.

Some mothers are balanced in nature and can easily cope with the care of the mentally retarded child.This mother is

able to care for it so that it is not boring.She enjoys his good qualities,] the difficulties it does not upset, and she was not given entirely to the care of the child.Other children in the family to take her example in this regard.The child who is adopted by a family, awakening the best quality, and this gives him a good start to life.In this case, the child is better to live at home indefinitely.

Another mother, also a devoted child, feels that the experience more stress and more irritated when it is necessary to pay special attention to the child.This can affect her relationship with her husband and other children, and children can be frustrating presence of a mentally retarded child.In this case, the mother will need help of a social worker.This is a change for the better with the child or allow a child to arrange so that it was better for everyone.

Finally, there are mothers who are able to take care of a mentally retarded child without experiencing stress and even with joy.An outside observer might notice that devotion to a mother's child prevent her take care of her husband, other children of their own normal interests.Ultimately this is bad for the whole family and even for the baby.This mother needs help to comply with a sense of proportion and acquire other interests.