It is important to identify the child in school .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

If you suspect that your child is lagging behind in mental development, it is important to consult in time with a psychiatrist, psychologist or an expert in children's psychiatric clinic.It is important to the five or six years to test a child - before he goes to kindergarten or elementary school.He should not come to the class in which it will be difficult to learn.Every day, when he was not able to catch up with classmates, will diminish his confidence in himself, and if he will leave in the second year or be transferred to the junior class, he will be very worry.If it is small lag, if the school is working on a flexible program that apply to each child, he can learn with children his own age.But if it is lagging behind the average, or if the school, all children perform the same task, the child should not come to the first class, is not checked his mental faculties.You may have to wait a year or more.If you want to put a child in kindergarten, it may be wise to give it to the year before, as he and a

ll the other children from the garden will be able to go to school, so he did not depart from them.On the other hand, if the kindergarten program is flexible and can, it is better to spend it in two years, especially if the house he had no one to play.

In high schools, there are special support classes for children who are lagging behind in mental development.These children begin to learn in six, seven or eight years in special classes, but reinforced lessons from textbooks postponed until the time when the children will be ready for it.

If the family with the help of a psychologist beforehand decided that the child should attend a particular class, it can be the time when the child reaches school age, to live next door to a school.

If you can not get the assistance of a psychologist, talk about the child with the teacher or the school principal and tell them everything.If there are any doubts about the readiness of the child, it is better to start later than ever before.

boarding school if it will give more. Regulations can always be changed, if the school does not meet the usual needs of the child.If he does not keep up with the class, or if he feels unhappy in class, or if it is too frustrating lack of other family members may all be better if the baby will be transferred to a private boarding school or a special school staff.Parents should seriously consider such a possibility.There is a long queue for admission in most of these schools, and can take several years between the filing, the application and receiving the child.Therefore it is better to apply in advance.Then you can give up the space, if you do not need.