Diapers for your baby

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In the first years of life, your child will spend most of his time in diapers, and you will spend most of the time for their shift.Here's how to make the best of everything for your child's ass and for its time.

How to conduct dressing usefully

Be prepared for the fact that during the period of life before toilet training you need to change about five thousand diapers;this exceeds except that feeding a child joint activities by frequency.Instead of being painful work performed with reluctance and disgust, change the diaper can be a full-fledged communication for you and your baby.During diaper change happens more than just a child's transition from wet clothes dry.The child feels your touch, hearing your voice, looking at your face and respond to your smile (while you're at it).Before getting down to the task, select the contact with the child.Focuses on the child, rather than at work.Let you will have to reserve some special facial expressions, sounds or movements of massage specifically for the ch

anging time, the child can expect more than just a clean diaper, and be sure to pass this practice of changing to anyone who will replace you.

anticipates diaper change as the time to give your child understand that he has especially dear to you.Avoid expressions of disgust at the sight of the contents

diaper or of smell (that's where the children are receiving breast milk, have the advantage - the smell is not so bad!).Your face - the mirror for the baby.The child looks at you and evaluate yourself based on what he sees on your face.We cry that found "treasures", and adhere to the admiring and loving intonations.

How to choose a diaper bag and locking Whether you choose

cloth or disposable diapers - it is the convenience, price, and your concern for the environment.And, of course, should be an important factor in your baby's skin.On what type of diaper your baby's skin reacts best?Many parents use both types: cloth diapers one hundred percent cotton and disposable diapers house on the street.

If you use cloth diapers, the next choice is - washed at home or use diapers laundry services services (delivery of diapers at home or rolled diapers).Nappy washing services are appreciated as the invention, labor-saving.You get past a week's supply of diapers sanitation of 100 percent cotton, washed, rinsed and mitigation professionals who know how to best handle the diapers.As your child grows, the service gives you a bigger diapers.If you calculate how much it costs to buy their own diapers, how much you give for the use of self-service laundry, add here time spent energy and cost of experiments with detergents, bleaches, conditioners for softening the laundry and so on, the service of washing diapers seem worth the extrathe money that you give them.Subscription services diapers laundry service - very practical gift.

One of the main reasons that parents choose disposable diapers, is their failure to understand that the service supplied by the washing diapers are just as comfortable.All solid stool, which can shake off the toilet, wipe it off, but then the diaper not require soaking. Its just drop in the bucket (equipped with a very effective deodorizing device), and the rest takes care laundry service.Our concern is that the feces along with disposable diapers fall into the dustbin, and all this is a result of the landfill, in the soil, which is not able to neutralize and dispose of human excrement.You must select a system of using diapers that would be useful to parents, helpful for baby's skin and would not harm the environment.

once asked me what I think is the biggest breakthrough in the care of children in the last five years.I replied: "Giving up pins for diapers."How frequently pricking their hands father of eight children, I do not like the pins, and they do not like me.Fixing fabric covers for diapers with fasteners -velkro (Velcro) reduced the number of children and parents pricked.They are gorgeous!As they breathe, fabric covers do not harm the child's ass, unlike plastic pants that hold moisture and cause a rash and diaper rash.

Diaper Change

Here is the basic way to change a diaper baby.Diapers that do not require pins, one-time or "all in one" is not required to add, to wrap around the baby and, of course, shear.

Preparing a child

child dresses up in a warm room, in a safe and soft surface.Before you start, check that all necessary is at hand.You will need:

• clean diapers;

• pins or clips diapers;

• locking waterproof covers;

• Cream against diaper rash, and rash;

• cotton balls and warm water in the first few weeks, and then ordinary cloth or a special baby wipes (wet disposable);

• clean linen.

best to have a changing table or specially allocated for this purpose, a table on which is conveniently located all you need.

removing the dirty diaper, wash the baby ass, while she did not pass the smell test.Pat dry.

If your child is prone to rash or diaper rash, apply a barrier cream (see "irritation from diapers or diaper rash: How to prevent and treat them.").

How to fold the diaper and wrapped in his child

Depending on the age of your child and completeness here are some proven ways to eventually folded cloth diaper and wrapped in his child.

main way of addition.Place a diaper under the baby, as shown in Fig.A fold along the lower end of the three layers (Fig. B).Now, holding the diaper, lay folded three times between the legs of the child (Fig. B).Evenly distribute the front and rear

of the edge, if necessary, tucked the ends, then fold the rear ends of the top forehand to tight-fitting diaper baby.

Spalling. Hold down all the layers of fabric on the one hand, the second hand to slide the pin (in the direction from the umbilicus), having its through all layers of the outer edge of the fabric and only after the inner edge of the upper layer (not to prick himself).In this case be sure to hold your child's fingers between the skin and the diaper, so as not to prick

child (Fig. D).Cleave the second side in the same way.

method of addition "below the navel."

While the newborn umbilical cord had not yet disappeared, tighten the rear side of the diaper up to the cutting edge is below the navel.

method of adding "bikini". Start folding the main way, then twist the lower portion of the diaper so that the twisted plot appeared in the groin (Fig. D).Cleave, as described above.This method of addition is better suited for children with plump legs and provides an extra layer of absorbent, if the child is very wets diapers, but in this case, the greater the likelihood of leakage.

Double diapers.If the child is very wets diapers and dry for most of the night, using two of the diaper or diaper along the second fold and put it inside when the main method of addition.Or, for greater thickness, use not age a large diaper and fold the bottom third, to create a double thickness, and then proceed to the main addition process (Fig. E).

secrets of how to make a diaper change safe and fun

• Always leave on the child at least one arm while changing a diaper, children can fall from the table.As long as you have turned away or until looking for a clean diaper, the child enough, and second, to slide to the floor.Wear a seat belt, but do not rely on it.

• Handle the pins carefully.Do not leave open the pin within the reach of children.Do not hold the pin in his mouth, because the child may try to simulate this dangerous habit.To pin it was easy to store, stick them in a bar of soap.

• If you are not used to swaddle the child on the table, do it on the floor - so all safer.

• Change diapers frequently, especially if your child has a tendency to skin irritations from diapers.It is difficult to tell whether a child is wet, if you are using a superabsorbent disposable diapers.They need to be changed as often as you began to change cloth diapers.Using Cloth diapers, you do not count the cost every time we change clothes of the child.

• Stel under the child on the changing table or on the floor a protective cloth diaper or towel.

• Keep extra clean diaper close to the case of the new fountain.

• Be careful in dealing with moist baby wipes: skin some children can not tolerate them.If you use a diaper service laundry service, you can use a diaper to wipe the baby after a bowel movement, and then you do not have to wash themselves disgusting napkins own washing machine.If you use your own diapers and wash them yourself, you can throw the napkin with dirty diapers.

• When a child is to be held during the "eat - pokakal" (usually at Ista Diapers «all in one»

Wrap the baby in a diaper - now it does not have to be heavy and tedious work, as soon as Gone are the days when the ritual.changing necessarily consisted of folding a rectangular piece of cloth, chipping it close to the body (not pricks the baby or yourself) and tight fit paddlers over the wriggling legs and restless ass in order to fix the tricky design - only for the child to repeat the trick,not having to leave the changing table, which happens quite often now you can get in one pack cotton diaper, nylon case and Velcro or a button -. all in one easy-to-equipped diaper slightly more expensive, but a real salvation for busy parents Ask in..their service wash diapers or children's clothing store diapers without pins. while writing this book, we raised two kids in diapers."All in One" was a real salvation for us, and I think the pleasure of easy dressing helped us to get more out of this time spent with our kids.

chenii the first month), change the baby diaper (if it is dirty or wet) directly before feeding.Then, after feeding the child will be able to immerse themselves in slumber, and you do not have to disturb his disguise.

• Be especially careful if your child has a painful rash or diaper rash - this is a very sensitive area.Or soak ass baby in a basin of warm water until it is clean or resort to soothing heat, applying warm compresses wet towel and then wipe dry the skin, minimizing friction.You may need to be further watered with warm water.Talk with your child gentle, soothing voice and generously apply a barrier cream, carefully smearing it and without damaging the skin at the same time.