that children need most from their parents or the person who replaces them ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

needs of children at different ages are different.In the first year of life the child needs a lot mothering.He did not eat, it is necessary to feed, eat it often, and his food is usually different from the adult food.On it you need a lot of erasing.In the city it is necessary to take out for a walk in the stroller.So he developed normally, he needs to feel the love of self, kto-to must assume that he is the most wonderful in the world of the child, should kto-to gulkat with him lisp, hugging him and smile at him, to make him company when he sleeps.

nursery or family receiving a fee for children, baby is not very good.There waiting for him not so much attention and love.In most cases, care .o it mechanically and efficiently, rather than gently and lovingly.In addition, sharply increased the risk of epidemics, colds and stomach upsets.

Individual care until at least three years. child whose mother can not be with him during the day, needs individual care - at his home or in someone else.Perhaps

it will be a relative, neighbor or friend whose mother knows and trusts.If the house comes a new nanny or maid, the mother should be familiar with it before you leave the child in her care.Or a mother might decide to leave it for a day in a family in which the woman earns a living by taking to their children.But a woman should do this not only because it needs the money, but because he loves children.The only reliable way to find such a house - through a special agency that carefully examine such houses before recommending their parents.But in any case, a woman chosen by his mother, to be attentive and loving;at the same time she should not be more than two, at least three children.

At the age of three years before the baby takes less time, but much more understanding.For it is good to be with other children.Now he is a person, and he has his own ideas.He needs more and more opportunities to develop the autonomy they need to manage tactfully.If adults too oppressive, the child is stubborn and capricious.Man, I am not very confident in himself, can not cope with it.If the child is too watch over it restrains its development.Moreover, in this age, he gets used to depend on one or two dedicated individuals, and it strongly disturbs, if one of them disappears or if anything changes.

At this time, the mother, is constantly taking care of him, it is desirable to return to work or to change those who care for the child.Most nurseries do not have enough educators to give each child a sense of belonging to someone.nurseries Employees may not have sufficient training to understand young children and can not provide them with the spiritual, social and physical development.

So if you need to go to work when your child is a year, the best way - personal care, both for the youngest child.But at this age it is particularly important to find someone who understands children and easily fits in with them.And do not give up after a few months of work.