How do you get a child to take the medicine

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

As Mary Poppins sings: "Spoon sugar helps the medicine go through."As a finishing touch, add a little more creative marketing.Resort to such tricks.

Pick medicine to taste.

The same medicine can be produced in different forms, with different taste.Consider your child's preferences.Drugs intended for both children and adults may have a sharp taste.

Try to prepare a magic pasta.Most children prefer a liquid form to a year, but if your child is at all times spits out the medicine, ask your doctor, not whether this medicine is available in the form of chewable tablets.Crush tablet between two spoons and add one or two drops of water to make a thick paste.Apply the paste slowly (on the tip of a finger) on the inside of the child's cheek, and he swallowed it without resistance.The taste of chewable tablets are usually more pleasant.This applies even to acetaminophen.

Make the cheek pocket.It

secret of our family, which we use to give medication avid vyplevyvalytsikam (before starting this procedure, pu

t the medication on hand and type it into the pipette): Lay the child's head in the bend of the elbow of his hands.The same hand grasp the child's cheek and middle or index finger, pull the corner of his mouth so that his cheek was formed pocket.Other hand buried in the pocket of the drug gradually.So you will be able to keep the child's mouth open and his head fixed.What is most remarkable, the fact that you hold the baby's cheek with your finger does not allow him to spit out the medicine.Keep cheek in such position until all of the drug will not be swallowed.Necessity - the mother of invention, or, in this case, the father.I discovered this technique when Martha Queen spoon and pipette into our house, leaving me alone with Stefan eighteen, when he should have been given the drug.

resort to camouflage art. You can hide the powdered pill in a sandwich: Stir it to the jam, put on top of the peanut butter.Or mask it with a small amount of milk,

Technique "pocket for a cheek" does not allow the child to spit out the medicine.

infant formula or juice.Take the medicine as tasty as possible, but do not invent that medicine like candy.

Try spoons, pipettes and other medical Accessories.

Small plastic medical Scoop convenient than regular teaspoon.To clean the spoon out, spend it on the inside of the child's upper lip when you take it out of his mouth.Pipette with the scale introduced in the side of the baby's mouth between the cheek and gum - a proven tool.Bury a few drops at a time between the child swallowing movements.Some children are better than taking medication from a small plastic cup that can also be used to collect and give again that the drain.

Aim wisely.Try to avoid sensitive areas of the mouth.Taste buds are concentrated in the front and central part of the tongue.The palate and the back of the tongue are the sites comprising the gag reflex.It is best to make a pocket between the cheek and gum, and dig deep into the mouth medicine.