August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

I once asked the mother of twins with a request to write to me, they have learned to cope with their problems, so I was able to share their experiences with readers.I've got 200 great encouraging letters.As expected, the authors of the letters on some issues sharply disagree on others showing a surprising unanimity.

Help!All mothers of twins agree that it is difficult at first is incredible, but the reward for your efforts is huge.

you need any help, which you can only get.If possible, hire someone, even if I have to do to get into debt.Or ask for a month or two to come your mother or someone from relatives.If the house is not enough space in a suitable climate can be converted into a garage space for assistants.Partial help is better than no any help: a high school student who comes for a few hours after school, the woman who cleans the apartment, someone who once or twice a week, sit with your children.Ask neighbors to help when some feedings.It's amazing how much good can even be from a three-year

senior twin sisters.

course, the most important help the father of twins - it can replace a mother during night feedings (one night my father, another mother), bathe the children, cook the mixture, do housework, which is now not enough time in the mother.More importantly, this aid moral support from his father - patience, gratitude, compassion, love.The father of twins the most favorable opportunity to prove his devotion to his wife.

Laundry. In this situation, a washing machine becomes invaluable.You more than anyone, will be useful automatic washing machine and dryer, especially if you are not near a diaper laundry service.Machines are saving many hours of work and produce dozens of clean, dry diapers, sheets, bedding, shirts, raspashonok even in rainy weather.

Wash diapers and other baby items can be daily or every other day - how convenient mother.You can rarely change the sheets and diapers, if you lay a little extra oilcloth under the hip kids.

Service diapers parents of twins is particularly necessary.It is also important to use the laundry service for the rest of the family - it saves time and energy.

wash sizes can be reduced, if the only change diapers at each feeding - before him or after him.

reduction work around the house.Every mother of twins necessarily have to reduce the time for homework.It is better to get around an apartment, room by room, and remove everything without which you can do all that requires care.Harvesting can be twice less than before.You can pick up for all the family clothes that do not get dirty, which is easier to erase and which does not need ironing.You can cook food that requires a minimum of time and attention when cooking, do not wash the dishes, and immerse it in soapy water, rinse and leave to dry.

exceptionally helps correct selection of care items for twins.For example, one double cradle with a partition in the middle can be very comfortable in the first few months, until the twins do not become too large and moving.Cot on springs, which it is raised and lowered, parents save on energy costs and back pain, it can also serve as a table for changing and dressing.Additional cradle in which we can take one twin in another room, will help the second sleep.The two-storey building will serve as a great help beds and clothing supplies on each floor, so as not to run all the time up and down.Most items for care can borrow or buy used.

hospital trolley on wheels or tea table is very useful for placing stocks diapers, sheets, clothes and other things.These tables can be transported from the crib to a bed or from room to room.

double stroller too wide for most of the doors, and two children sleeping so close to each other, will always disturb each other.On the other hand, the double stroller for walks can be many months.It is useful to have a cradle for two cars.

Bathing can be significantly reduced if you try.A person can be cleaned with a damp cloth.Buttocks soapy cloth to wash every day, twice washing with clean water soap.Then, if the skin of children in good condition, they can be bathed in a day, twice a week or even once a week.If convenient, you can wash the children on the oilcloth with a damp cloth.It is difficult to buy the twins while avoiding weeping - one or both.There are several solutions.The assistant can start to feed the baby, who redeemed first.It is possible to bathe children on different days or at different times.If children bathe in the bath and they are patient enough, you can save time, one after the other bathing in the same water.All that is needed for bathing, clothing, bottles of milk, basking in the pan - it all has to be ready and be on hand to start swimming.

Breastfeeding is practical and possible. From letters received by me, I know that twins are breastfed for several months as often as a child.(This proves once again that there is no limit production of breast milk. Breast give as much milk as necessary for the child or children, if the mother has the right attitude and methods.) If the twins are too small to suck, or a long time in the hospital, the mother must manuallyexpress milk.But as soon as the children will be able to suck, they can bring it to the chest at the same time.The mother should be a comfortable chair with armrests, on which you can rely on.There are at least three possible postures.If the mother can sit or recline in a chair, twins are in her hands.If the mother is sitting right by placing a pillow on both sides, the twins lay on cushions on the sides of the face to the mother;arms mother brings them head to his chest.You can put the twins on his knees to his mother, one partially on top of the other, but their heads in different directions.Lying below in such circumstances are not usually objects.

Production and storage of infant formula for twins is associated with difficulties.Twins are usually small at birth and need to be fed every three hours, which means 16 bottles every day.To do this job, double, two are needed.pans for sterilization.If little space in the refrigerator, the mixture can be sterilized in a standard two-liter milk bottles stored in the refrigerator.Then at each feeding two sterilized bottles filled with the right amount of milk mixture.Feeding bottles can be sterilized by boiling times a day or prokalivaeniem in the oven.Nipples are boiled, not calcined.

Some mothers like thin disposable plastic bottles.They are sold as whole packages, they are sterilized, take up little space in the refrigerator and easily warmed.In this case only be sterilized teat.

feeding mode. Most mothers of twins on their own experience that it is necessary as soon as possible to develop a regular feeding schedule and feed the babies immediately one after the other.Otherwise feeding will continue for hours, day and night.(Some mothers find it convenient to a modified mode on demand. They are waiting for will wake up and cry first child, but as soon as he finished eating, waking second.) Most infants get used to the regime for a few days.If the twins wake up and start crying too soon, wait for a while in the hope that they will fall asleep again.If they continue to weep much, you will have to compromise, and to feed them ahead of time, but with each passing day it becomes more severe, in the expectation that the digestive system of children accustomed to the schedule of feedings.Most assistance is provided by a pacifier: it allows children to wait for feeding time.In some cases, quite rare, if twins are restless, the regime has not produced.Then, in the first few weeks is better to feed on demand, albeit irregularly, than listen to the children crying for a long time..

Twins are usually premature and small.They can then go on a three-hour feeding, at least during the day, until they reach a weight 2.7-3.1 kg.If one of the twins is much smaller, it may be necessary for a three-hour mode is longer than a few weeks;the second at this time would have on the four-hour operation;however, the smaller the night and can go to a four hour feeding.

How to feed from nipples. How to feed the two children from the nipples at the same time?There are several ways.If you have a permanent assistant, each can feed one child.Some mothers manage to teach a child to wake up half an hour later another.But most babies wake up at the same time, and no more than nervous to do than to feed a baby cries when the other at this time.One of the ways in the first week - to put the twins to bed or sofa on both sides of the mother's legs to her back;in this position it can simultaneously feed both of the bottles with the nipples.Alternatively, a feed with a special holder, the other the most;at each feeding children change.

But many mothers believe that the bottle holder (or when a bottle or prop a diaper bag) does not help, at least in the first weeks.Baby pacifier or loses and starts crying or choking.Then the mother has to quickly throw a second child and save the first, but this time the cries of the second.These mothers believe that it is much more practical to use two bottle holders and two bottle prop.Mother herself while sitting among the children, her both hands are free, and it may just help any child.How to correctly identify these mothers, they have more time to caress the twins in a relaxed atmosphere.

If feeding (time and quantity) is very irregular, it is necessary to record how much milk mixture and at what time each child ate, and indicate the date of weighing and bathing.Otherwise, you will forget a lot or try to feed one double and another -with empty tummy - to force air spit.It helps notebook or whiteboard.You can put each cradle cardboard dial with ribbons, marking the hours and minutes.

many twins as nebliznetsy air belch yourself if you put them on his stomach after feeding.Remember, too: one child in the stomach prevents the air, but others did not seem to feel discomfort - in this case does not need to do anything.

solid food too can learn how to feed without problems.While children are not accustomed to, many mothers of one child is fed with a spoon;at this time the other sucks from a bottle;then vice versa.There are two ways to save time.Giving all solid food feeding not three but two.It can also be solids (such as cereal and fruit) at a given feeding through a teat with a hole size of a pinhead.And during the second feeding the twins learn to eat from a spoon.When they learn to eat solid food, they can sit in the corners of the crib, stroller or chair and spoon-feed at the same time.There are special tables for twins;children, who can not sit still, they are in a position polunaklonnom;mother of twins find that such a device is very convenient.

When you feed children with a spoon at the same time, it is very saves time.One just has time to swallow food, while the mother is gaining it in a spoon and gives the second.You may find it unhygienic to use one plate and a spoon, but it's very practical.

If you have twins, you have sense to try before they start giving solid foods (biscuits, bread, crackers, slices of chopped vegetables, pieces of meat) and generally longer count on the independence of children.They also need to have to have a year to teach their own spoon.

Arena particularly needed twins (it is impossible to keep track of two children crawling), and, fortunately, they can spend hours playing it in each other's company.(The way the arena may even be used as a double bed.) Twins should be placed in a playpen with two or three months, until they had time to get used to freedom.Avoid heavy and toys with sharp edges, so that the twins could hit each other, not realizing that it hurts.Later, when in the arena they get bored, they can in turn put in a rocking chair.This change will entertain them.

After a year of very convenient to take one twin room in which they would play;doors to place the partition.The room need to arrange so that the children can not hurt themselves or each other (twin resourceful, they help each other and quickly get into trouble).In this room they would be happy to play for much longer than one child.

clothes and toys: the same or different? Some mothers indicate that, for example, the store has only one rompers that they like and is suitable for the price;therefore it is difficult to dress the twins differently.And the twins, saying such a mother, do ask to be dressed alike.Others, however, say that it is difficult to buy, for example, two of the same dress;so the twins have to dress differently.And some say that twins often have to wear second-hand clothes, so they need to be from the start to dress differently, so they know their colors.

Some mothers write that they had to buy the same clothes that the children did not argue, and not jealous of each other.Others say that they knowingly buy different toys for children (but the most expensive and necessary as tricycles and dolls), and children from the beginning of learning to share and play together.

I believe that the most important thing here - the attitude of the parents.If parents believe that children should dress in different ways and to share toys - out of necessity or out of principle, children agree.But if parents are taught to children in the same clothes and toys, and especially if they give up every time the twins insist they will eventually become more demanding.Of course, the same principle applies to one child if the parents are hard, the children take their decision;if the parents are hesitant, the children argue.

If twins have separate boxes for clothes or their clothes labeled with the names or what some characters, it helps them to develop a consciousness of their own individuality.Same clothes of different colors helps to distinguish between twins and highlights their personality.When one twin is always in yellow, and the other - always in green, they are not confused.

Individuality. Here we come to a philosophical problem: how to emphasize the similarity of twins and how - their personality, especially in the case of identical (monozygotic) twins.The whole world is fascinated with twins, raises due to their noise, loves to make them look and dress the same, asks parents stupid questions ( "Which one is smarter?", "Which one of these do you like?").It's hard not to play along with their parents, and this sentimental unhealthy interest.Why not?The trouble is that twins can come to the conclusion that their appeal is based only on their curious similarity, sameness.In three years, it is really attractive spectacle.But if this continues - and so often happens - then thirty-two women trying to attract the attention of the same clothes, and so dependent on each other that they can not fall in love or get married, they are not funny, and sad sight.

This does not mean that parents should be afraid of putting children equally and enjoy the attention of others to their children.The similarity of twins and twins amuse themselves, and their parents.

Because twins tend to be produced by strong personalities: they soon gain independence from parents, early learning to work together, play together, they are faithful and attached to each other.

But not to overdo it to emphasize their similarity, especially with identical or very similar to the twins, it is better to refrain from similar names (and it is difficult to distinguish one twin without similar names from the other);call them by name, instead of "twins";wear is not always the same;early before they get used to play, to acquaint them with the other children only with each other;allowing them to make friends with different children if they want to;Encourage friends and neighbors from time to time invite only one of the twins (the other at this time will have the full attention of their parents).