Which soap and some shampoo should I use when washing the baby ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

skin of the child, especially a newborn, sensitive, and any soap is a mild irritant.Purpose soap - form a suspension with particles of dirt and oils existing on skin surface (i.e. bringing them in a suspended state), so that they can be easily removed from the skin with water.Without soap, some fats and dirt on the skin surface are the secrets simply stuck to the skin, and it would take much to rub the skin sponge and water to remove them, which in itself would lead to skin irritation.The skin of each child has an individual tolerance of different varieties of soap.How much soap, how often and what type, only trial and error can be determined, but here are the basic rules:

• Use soap only on areas that are very strongly contaminated fluids, such as fat or sweat, which is not easy to remove with plain water withoutvigorous rubbing.

• For the first time using this or that soap, perform the test on a small area of ​​the body - take a swab.If in the next few hours, the skin there turn red, or dry up, or s

ignificantly changed in any other way than the other

areas, discard it and try another soap.

• Use a mild soap.Baby Soap - a conventional soap having fewer additives, such as anti-bacterial agents, fragrances or abrasives.From my own experience, we can say that «Dove» soap for the skin of most kids.

• Restrict the stay of soap on the child's skin to less than five minutes to avoid flaking or skin irritation.Rinse it as soon as possible and thoroughly flush skin with water.

• Above all, avoid intense friction with soap and water any area of ​​the skin.

If your child is prone to eczema or has allergic dermatitis, use as little soap and bathe less often.It can help the soap, prepared by a special recipe, which you will write a dermatologist.Children with particularly sensitive skin should be carried out in the bath as little time - it is better to wash them under the shower to clean and separate, the most polluting, areas.

Shampoos in its composition similar to soap and excessive use can irritate the scalp and hair to deprive the natural fat grease.Shampoo with shampoo once a week - enough for most children.Use a mild baby shampoo;as baby soap, baby shampoo containing fewer additives in comparison with other types of shampoos.Occasionally there is a need to rub the shampoo deep into the scalp.If your baby's head is covered with scaly, oily substance called crusts, after washing with head massage in the shampoo in a brown oil to soften them, and comb out the soft comb.

Here is the final thought about the soap and shampoo, which for many years divided by many mothers me.Sensitive mothers believe that the abuse of soap and shampoo (as well as oil and perfumed talc) interrupts the natural smell of a newborn baby that mothers find irresistible.It is best not to interrupt and also the natural smell of the mother that the child needs, while some children irritate spirits.