Fashion nursing mothers

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

After the birth of our first child, I went to Martha shopping for clothes.When I began to resent that she is busy for too long, Martha explained: "The first time in my life, I must consider the other person's needs."Then he came to my office a young mother in a one-piece dress and frantically tried to bare, to give his chest crying child.Sucking the breast the baby turned out to be somewhere between the mountain of clothes and half-naked mother.We both laughed, and his mother recognized his mistake: "The next time you get dressed for the occasion."

choosing clothes for herself and her baby, consider the following:

• Motley pattern, bright colors and floral patterns hide milk that may leak;Avoid white and light shades, as well as the tight tissue.

• To imperceptibly feeding best free, such as sweaters, top that can lift from the waist.Your bare waist while feeding the child will cover.

• A good choice would be easy to unbutton tops that will make your breasts easily accessible to discreet, quick and

easy feeding.

• Blouses, specially designed for nursing women have over each breast incision on the velcro (on the clasp Vel-Cro).

• Easy access gives blouses buttoned front;remember that they should unbutton from the bottom up, while the remaining portion will cover buttoned child, so you can feed him by.To diversify a limited range of models for lactating women, commercially available, fling on the shoulders of a beautiful shawl or scarf, and use it to hide from the eyes of those around the child sucking chest.

• In cold weather can be very uncomfortable, even if open only a narrow strip of waist.The letter, which came to La Leche League produced a monthly magazine "New Beginnings» ( «New Beginnings»), offers a solution to this problem: wear a sweater large old T-shirt with cut off the top part of the forehand, tucked at the waist in the skirt or pants.Shirt well protect you from the cold wind, when a child need arises in your warm chest.

• Separate laundry items are more convenient than the single cut.

• one-piece dresses are not suitable to properly and discreetly breast feed.In stores goods for mothers and fashion catalogs for moms usually found single cut model with special flaps on the chest.

• Ensembles of two sets of thermal underwear items and practical, as well as a sweater with a high neck.The upper part of the toilet must be sufficiently free and easy to climb.

• Attention, hurrying to my mother shopping!You may find that you are not able to squeeze in all the subjects of its preceding wardrobe pregnancy until after the delivery did not take place for nine months.Do not try to pull on these things too early.Tight blouses rub your nipples, they are uncomfortable and can cause lactation reflex at the wrong time.

Recommendation for young mothers, who were ashamed to feed on humans: carefully select the clothes for feeding and work out in front of a mirror feeding.The important thing is that your child's face turned inside your clothes, but not to your chest was outside.