Rh factor

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

If you have a family there is a problem of incompatibility for the Rhesus factor, you should ask your doctor to help you figure out how it will affect your position.The following are the most common information on this highly complex issue.

For most people, blood is Rh positive;a minority - is negative.If the husband and wife the same Rh factor (positive or negative) or if it is positive wife, and the husband is negative, no difficulty will arise.

But if the husband is Rh positive and the wife negative, may be difficult.In such a situation (in the US this happens in about one marriage of eight) some children inherit a positive Rh factor from the father.If a child with a positive Rh factor is growing in the mother's womb, which has a negative Rh factor, a little baby's blood can enter the mother's blood through the placenta, especially during childbirth.The mother's body may develop protective antibodies that destroy alien blood - just as each of us develop antibodies that destroy bacteria measles if

they enter the body a second time.But if the mother develops antibodies against the Rh positive baby cells, these antibodies through the placenta to reach the bloodstream and begin to destroy the child's blood cells there.If a lot of blood cells destroyed, the child shortly after birth becomes anemic, and the substance formed from the destroyed blood cells, causing him jaundice.

At birth the first child the mother's body does not have time to create antibodies, or transfer them to the child's body to where they destroyed blood cells, but with each new mother and child sensitivity to positive blood bodies becomes higher.Therefore, each following the first child can expect difficulties.However, if the mother received a blood transfusion with Rh-positive factor, an antibody may have it even before the birth of their first child.

important to remember that only one out of eight marriage is between a man and a woman with a positive with a negative Rh factor, but also in such marriages only one chance in twenty that the child will be exposed to serious danger.In other words, it is the exception rather than the rule.