My child is screaming out loud every time I try to wash it .we both can get from swimming more fun ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

If your baby cries every time you try to immerse it in water, it means that he or hungry, or water that is too hot or cold, or have a child who does not like to be in the water alone.After all, its safety could be in jeopardy.That's how we got the pleasure of bathing their children.Take your child into a large bath with him.Prepare the water a little cooler than when you wash, then undress and undress your baby.Presses it to yourself until you go into the water, then sit down, sit back and enjoy this warm skin to skin contact.If your child continues to protest, first sit down in a bath

themselves, his whole appearance indicating the way you like to swim.Then ask someone to give you a child, as you continue to sit in the bath.Mom, do not be surprised if this time your child will want to take the breast.This is a natural reaction to the proximity of your chest.If your child still does not want to go into the water you have on hand, calm it, first attach to the chest, slowly enter into the bath, then grad

ually immerse their hands, plunging the child is still sucking your breast in water.So you get great pleasure from feeding and bathing the baby.When your child is older, he can lure into the water for bathing toys, such as the traditional rubber ducky.Taking a bath together, be careful not to slip.Until you get used to wash a child is safer to transfer the child to another person or to put it on a towel, instead of out of the bath with him in her arms.

Here is another trick of our family, to coax the child to wash.It is to secure the child in mind, something nice always follows the event which gives him mixed feelings.After bathing, you can take time out to hold the baby in her arms and gently shake it.Or end the bath relaxing massage.The child develop into the association between pleasure and a wet washing stage, which should be put up to get a full massage.(See. Section on children's massage at the end of this article.)

Over the years, we have many children of change.There is no right or wrong way to wash your baby - there's only one that works in your case with a minimum of tears.We have learned to relate to bathing as a ritual manifestation of parental attention, rather than as a strict hygiene regulations;In this case, less stress, as if not to miss a single crease.Enjoy swimming and bathing her child with him simply as another way to get closer to your child.