How to put baby to sleep

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

If your doctor did not recommend you otherwise, put the baby to sleep on his back .

Indeed, it seems that most newborns sleep better on the stomach than on the back, and why is traditionally recommended to put children to sleep on the stomach.But research showed that "sleep better" is not equivalent to "sleep safer."New discoveries in the study of infant sleep cycles have turned the traditional idea that children should sleep on your stomach, and turned back to the children, because in this case reduced the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (apnea).

ongoing campaign under the slogan "Sleep on your back," reduced the number of apnea in many countries by 50 per cent and 30 per cent in the United States.Children who sleep on their backs, easier to wake up from sleep and sleep is not as deep as in the stomach and easier awakening from sleep is a protective mechanism against sudden infant death syndrome.

sure to check with your doctor to find out whether your child has any medical conditions that requi

re sleep in the prone position, such as too small jaw bone or other abnormalities that may lead to compression of the airway during sleep on their backs;accompanied by sputum, or respiratory diseases gastro-esophageal reflex.If your child does not want to fall asleep on his back, there is nothing wrong if you put him to sleep on his stomach.

by laying the baby on the night of the Council: instead of laying in the middle of the child's crib or cradle, put it to one side and cozy arrange at the side of the angle.Tuck roll or a small hard pillow (not a spreading huge pillow that can cover the face with a child) to the tummy of the child.Babies like the feeling that they sleep about some subject or, preferably, human.This explains the fact that even tiny children manage to get into the corner of the crib or if share bed with parents cling to mom or dad.(We jokingly call their child squeezed under the flank missile system with a heat seeker.)