Jealousy can take many forms .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

When a child takes the dice and beat them the baby, the mother is well aware that it is jealousy.But sometimes a child is much more polite.A few days later, he half-heartedly admired the baby, and then says, "And now, Bring him back to the hospital."The child may become angry at her mother, to get, for example, ash and embers from the fire and scatter them on the carpet.Another may become whiny and dependent, will cease to play in the sandbox or cubes everywhere will walk for my mother, holding her skirt and starts to suck his thumb.He can urinate again in bed at night or even during the day in the pants.Sometimes jealousy of the baby acquires the opposite form.The child is continuously busy with the younger sister.When he sees a dog, he said: "Our baby loves dogs."When seeing that the man riding a tricycle, says: "Our baby also has a bicycle."It is, of course, also worried, but did not admit it to himself.Such a child needs help even more than that, who knows what displeased.

Parents sometimes say: "W

e found that we have nothing to be afraid of his jealousy.Johnny loves little sister. "Well, when the child shows love for the newborn, but that does not mean that he is not jealous and that this jealousy is not necessary to pay attention.Jealousy can occur indirectly, or in special circumstances.Maybe the child is tender with his sister at home, but brutally treated her in the presence of strangers.Jealousy may not manifest for many months, until one day the kid does not podpolzet and grab a toy older.Sometimes a change in the feelings occurs when the younger begins to walk.

mother might say, "Johnny loves baby.It is so tight it hugs that he was crying. "In fact, this is not accidental.Child Emotion contradictory.

reasonable to assume that it is always present and jealousy and love, no matter what the child manifests externally.We must not ignore the jealousy, not to try to force to suppress it, not to make the child feel guilty, but to help him to achieve the victory of love.