Humidifiers against evaporators

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

jet of moist air that you breathe, can thin the nasal discharge and make breathing easier, but not everyone is clean and harmless mist.Humidifiers and vaporizers (vaporizato-ry) produce mist in three different ways: Oscillation (ultrasound), blowing or spraying (impellers) and boiling (Vapo-polarizer).Here's what you need to know about these devices.


humidifiers provide cool mist.The newest models completely silent, ultrasonic, high-frequency sound that is used to disperse the water in the form of a mist.They provide fresh air (kills bacteria and mold), but do not always provide a safe breathable air.New research has revealed that the ultrafine mist may also contain scattered by air pollution, abundant minerals contained in tap water.These tiny particles (eg, asbestos, lead and other) can enter the body by breathing and irritate the lower airways.This potential danger can be minimized by buying an ultrasonic humidifier with built-in filter for particles or replaceable demineralization ca

rtridge or use distilled water.

type impeller humidifiers are usually not as quiet as ultrasonic humidifiers and these usually accumulate bacteria and mold, which is then dissipated through the air unit.Some newer models of humidifiers have filters, impellers.

Worst of all old humidifiers with a rotating drum and a water boiler in which water stagnates.We do not recommend using this type.

Evaporators (vaporizers)

As their name says itself, evaporators produce superheated steam and fed a more concentrated fog on a smaller area.As the water boils within the generated steam kills bacteria and mold, and minerals will never go beyond the device.For most respiratory diseases to hydrate airway vaporizers preferable humectants.Vaporiza-tor also allows you to turn off the central heating system, thereby reducing the drying effect it.Giving a hot mist vaporizer is able to maintain the air in a small room, such as children, pleasantly warm and dry at the same time not giving a small spout.