Storage and transport of human milk

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

stockpiling the most valuable in the nature of the food product is an investment in the future of nutrition and health of your child, especially as a backup when you return to work, in the event of serious illness or any other incident that may temporarily separate a mother and child.Here's how to take care of this valuable product.

Storing expressed milk

reusable objects used for pumping and storage of milk must be cleaned and sterilized.Rinse all dairy containers, bottles and accessories with cold water and then wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water.Dishwasher with a water temperature no lower than 82 ° C

produce satisfactory sterilization of these items.

To store the milk without risk, follow these guidelines:

• Carefully wash your hands before expressing milk.

• Use a hard plastic or glass containers.

• If you find that disposable plastic bags to store and transport the milk is more convenient to breast milk, be sure to insert the package into another, in case the outer package broken


• tare of from 120 to 180 ml, filling bottles only some 60 ml.Since milk is thawed quickly and less to be thrown away.

• Freezer bags distributed through the catalog of «La Leche League», specially designed for freezing and storing breast milk (they Gluing and sterile).

• Keep the container in place of milk, since milk expands when it freezes.

• Point to each party the date and place of the oldest bottles in advance, and also marks all unusual that you have recently received - for example, any unusual food, medicine, even aspirin.

• You can add fresh milk to that which is already frozen, but be sure to pre-cool the new batch in the fridge, because when you add warm milk the upper layer of old

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• Breast milk can be safely stored at room temperature in a clean capacity of six to ten hours.However, we recommend to clean the milk in the refrigerator as soon as it is decanted.

• Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator before use up to five days, after which it should be frozen.Fresh breast milk is better for the baby than frozen, so if you know you are using it for a few days, store in the refrigerator.

• Milk can be stored in: a freezer compartment of a refrigerator having a single door, for two weeks;freezer compartment having two door refrigerator / freezer three or four months;deep frozen at a constant temperature - 18 ° C for six months and longer.